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Shame: Red Dawn had some original ideas.

(Though are we sure it didn't get taken down because someone owns "Red Dawn" as a name?)
I thought it got taken down because it was never going to make its funding goal. Preemptive strike by the creators I thought

edit: guess I was wrong as it did meet its goal. Makes me wonder if they realized the goal listed wasn’t sufficient

I'm not a lawyer, but isn't that essentially what a C&D is? "You're doing stuff you shouldn't do. Stop that or I'll sue you."
Yeah, that's the point "stop that or I'll sue you". What they've described is not that. A C&D explicitly says "stop or else consequences". It doesn't say "This stuff is a bit dodgy, you probably want to change that before you get in trouble" in a broad sense. You see companies/individuals sending out this sort of thing when they're trying to be gentle, and not to look like a jerk, usually. It's also possible it was a third party who warned them. Or they're just describing a normal C&D in a very odd terms to try and make it look like they weren't in trouble, I wouldn't be shocked if they were.

Though this does bring me a question of, is Red Dawn being a Dark Sun clone actually a bad thing?
Your post does a good job of illustrating how being a clone is indeed a bad thing, because you show how the creators clearly had interesting ideas and just buried them under a deluge of cloned stuff which Dark Sun did better, and, I would suggest, to a lesser extent, crude attempts to be un-PC/edgelord-y.

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