WotCs Other properties that could go on the DMsGuild.

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aramis erak

SPI had Dragon Quest and Universe. Both of witch I’d like a look at.
Universe has a new edition up on sourceforge: Universe RPG

I’ve heard Dragon Quest is super crunchy, was it the game with division?
Many games have division in mechanics. technically, 5E D&D does, too... resistance, figuring modifiers,
Universe was a Traveller clone? Is that right?
Clone? no. It shares no mechanics.
SPI's Universe is same subgenre, but different attributes, mechanics, and approach to rules.

SPI's RPGs are all overtaken with complexity.

aramis erak

I'd also to see is the complete runs of Dragon, Dungeon, Polyhedron, and particularly Imagine magazine, but...
  • Paizo still owns the PDF rights to the 3E Dragon and Dungeon issues. Somehow.
  • They did start to post issues of Polyhedron, but seem to have stopped - possibly because one issue they posted, and removed, had Marvel material.
  • In fact, a lot of TSR magazines contain material from other RPGs and various other creative properties, which presumably makes them a litigation landmine. They did include that material in the Dragon Magazine Archive way back when... and got famously sued by Kenzer over it.
  • I also have no idea who owns Imagine's rights now, which could be a further complication.
You can basically forget ever seeing the magazine collections via legit releases. It has to do with the massive issues with how all three were populated. Most articles were purchased, but some content was single-run licensed. Others were lifetime licensed. And TSR didn't keep good records of which where which.


As noted in another thread recently - while WotC has the copyright on the old Alternity stuff, the trademark for "Alternity" is apparently currently owned by Sasquatch games, and they are selling their new Alternity game (in pdf form) under that trademark.

Which I think means that without deals being made, technically WotC cannot sell the old Alternity material as-is, as they don't own the name.

I wonder how they even ended up with the copyright. It's too bad Saquatch seems to be dead in the water these days though. I think their Alternity kickstarter left a lot of people disappointed.

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