Would You Back The Mystery $1 RPG Kickstarter?

Game designer Jim Pinto has a novel take on crowdfunding - he's currently running a Kickstarter campaign with a pledge level of $1 and whose rewards are a mystery. Well, kind of. Backers will suggest and vote on a title, and he will write an RPG based on that title. Every backer gets a PDF of the result for $1. Some higher pledge levels let you vote more times, but the reward remains the same. Stretch goals include extra pages, along with wacky things like control of Pinto's Twitter account for an hour and Pinto getting himself a tattoo of the game's name.


It's doing quite well, too. With a $1 funding goal, it could hardly fail to succeed, but it's blasting through some stretch goals and is approaching $4,000 with a week left to go.
It already has an additional 48 pages, and at $4,000 it will get an extra 50 pages.

Here are some of the already suggested titles:

  • Werewolves of London
  • Big Booty Bards
  • Oil
  • Occam's Dollar Razor Club
  • The Road Less Travelled
  • In A Dark Room
  • The Alchemist's Dilemma
  • The Rancorous Regiment of Revenant Rouges and the Randomly Relocating Ring
  • I Don't Know How to Play This
  • More Than A Mannequin
  • Death in Wonderland
  • Unintentional Clairvoyance
  • Pass the Cannibal
  • Ninja Roulette
  • ​... and many more!

Why would you back such a thing? As the creation himself says, it's only a dollar and he hasn't cheated anyone yet. On that basis alone, it might be worth a plug. Find it right here!

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Intriguing, and no, I will not join the 3000+ people who wagered little to get a complete unknown. I can use that to buy a soda, or gum, or maybe a cheap beer at happy hour - maybe - and those demonstrate that even a dollar is not to be wasted.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I personally would enjoy the mystery more than I would enjoy a soda. So I'll back it just for a dollar's fun.


That guy, who does that thing.
Reminds me of the joke about the five-dollar-trip-to-nowhere.

So a guy is walking down the street when he notices a sign in the window of a local travel agency: "Ask us about the five-dollar-trip-to-nowhere!" So he goes in and asks.

The travel agent replies, "It's a vacation package for five dollars!"

The guy says, "But what do you do? Where do you go? For how long?"

"Oh, all that's a surprise," replies the travel agent. "But for five dollars, you can't go wrong!"

So the guy agrees and pays his five dollars. He then feels a sharp pain at the back of his head and falls unconscious. When he awakes, he's on a raft floating in the midst of the ocean, or at least a very large lake, with water as far as the eye can see in every direction.

On the raft with him is another guy.

"Did you sign up for the five-dollar-trip-to-nowhere, too?" asks the first guy.

"Yeah," says the second guy. "It was better last year."



I contributed! Worst-case scenario: I get a lousy RPG and a mildly entertaining story to tell.


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Some people seriously find it hard to spend $1... Geez. Supported, just to see if giving away $1 is truly the end of the world...

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