Starfinder Writing a list of events/rooms found in an Abandoned Industrial Space Station. Could use help.


Things found on an abandoned industrial Space Station

Hey guys! I don't know how many of you are familiar with the r/d100 subreddit, but it's a place to compile a list of 100 items for use in randomly generating content for your games. I'm currently writing one for my Starfinder game and I'm trying to come up with a bunch of mini events and rooms for a random dungeon. I still need about 15 more great ideas. If anyone is interested in contributing, I sure could use the help! I put a link to my list up above and if interested, please head over and get creative!

Here is the description I gave to help guide the list forward:

Imagine an old mining/manufacturing space station, long abandoned and in a slowly decaying orbit around an unimportant outer rim star. In its prime maybe this place was a hub of mining and industry, pulling raw resources out of a local asteroid belt and converting them to purified, usable materials. It's been decades, maybe even centuries since this place was crewed and operational. Now it's just hideout for local space pirates and criminal syndicates... at least in the few still usable top floors. The bottom, far deeper floors however have become the lair of all manner of strangeness... nameless aliens, undead miners, and decommissioned industrial robots. Like any good dungeon, over the years this a station has been played host numerous occupants, each using this place for their own clandestine purposes. What strange going-ons have occured in this forgotten corner of the galaxy? Find out within!

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