Xanathar's Guide to Everything -- an AL overview


Being 'listed', to my understanding, means being included on a list of deities that includes that deity's domains

You may be correct, but in that case there would be no need for this part
The same rule does specify "f your deity doesn't include suggested domains in the resource in which it is found, only the Life domain is available." (ALPG v7.0, p.3)

If there is no domain suggestion, by your definition a deity is not considered to be "listed" so it's not available as a Cleric patron.

Regarding lore, the sidebar in SCAG points out that "What were referred to as Chosen in other lands, were recognized in Mulhorand as living gods, come to lead the Mulhorandi in an uprising.", so even if the demigods themselves may not serve as clerical patrons, the deities whose Chosen they are, might.

Anyway, Travis' "behind the scene" insight is enough for me to accept that the intent is for Mulhorandi gods not to be available as patrons, and I'm happy to let the matter rest.

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First Post
Clarification: The admin comments from Travis I alluded to in my previous post were relating to which deities were allowed for the Forge and Grave domains specifically (there was confusion surrounding Moradin at first, but it was clarified that since Moradin is listed in the Non-human deities, he is allowed for a Forge Cleric - Osiris OTOH is not listed in either the Forgotten Realms or non-human deities lists, and so would not be allowed without specific campaign documentation such as a cert).

With that being said, I think there is a good possibility of the admins allowing a cert for Mulhorandi deities in some future season set in/around Callimshan, esp. if players suggest it frequently enough and there is a demand for such.

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