D&D General Yahtzee - Dungeons & Dragons edition

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And this is only the begining. Hasbro wants D&D to be a multimedia franchise+lifestyle brand.

My theory is some comic publishers and videogame studios will create new franchises with the intention to be licenced for a D&D setting.

This time we shouldn't be surprised if there is a new World of Warcraft d20 but this time published by WotC.

I wonder if the future Creative-Mode 2.0. for Fortnite will include a virtual-tabletop to can play a d20 version of Fortnite: Save the World. I am not kidding. If Epic Games creates a VTT for Fortnite, it could be a serious rival for the rest of marks, even D&D One.

* How is the relation between Hasbro and Embracer Group? Maybe now they are rivals, but later "wedding bells sound".


I am amused.

$30 for the game and it works as a dice tower for your dice too.
Eh, it's mostly a cash grab. And worst of all, those images are going to wear off after time.


For $30.00 you at least get a dice tower thing. When I first read it, I thought it would use d20s or something else cooler than just d6s again. D20s would make the game last at least as long a 4e combat did.


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