YB! Generators Down?

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the site is back up now and yes Wicht I tried that site and it didn't work earlier. The whole server was down.
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Well going to off and try to plug MeowthBot :p.

It should mirror the javascript generator except that it doesn't have the potential to create {unknown} entries when the rand() actually happens to return a 1 (in javascript, rand() is bounded by 0 < rand() <= 1) and getting 'pushed' above the limit of the array).

Anyway, it's on the chatroom (chat.psionics.net #yb, connect through your irc client or through the java chat and just type in #yb where it has #dnd3e etc).

!mb ybmove for moves, !mb ybmaster for master, !mb ybinsult for insults.

MB also replies to private messages (just send ybmove, etc by themself to meowth to get him to generate it privately).

Just harass me on the chat if you notice something wrong, I should see it. MB may occasionally be down because I pretty much just leave the putz running while I goto class :).

Lady Diamond

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Hm, both gens down for 20 minutes during prime-time is not good. I'll be looking into moving one of the pair of generators to a different domain, probably the YBA generator since umm hmm... when we reset YB the YB gen will be different from the YBA gen.. or is YBA going to mirror YB with modifier changes? Modifier changes for the YB generator will be ready to go after this weekend (probably by Sunday night/Monday morning).

Anyways, a mirror of the YB generator will be set up. Can't say what happened to the main domain, probably a server reboot, planned or unplanned.

Meowth! Reowth! :) Can I get a copy of the Meowthbot from you? I'd love to see it to see how it works.


Hehe, well it uses XiRCON for tcl scripting mostly.

As that's the only irc chat 'script' language (it's an independant language really heh and that's how I know it) that lets me randomly pull items from lists and arrays to do what I need :).

Honestly I just more or less copied KD's code (with some minor optimizations like pulling a few line gens out of if statements).

Will show ya the 3 procs that generate the yb code though. It was pretty easy once I updated the tcl core xircon uses (and figured out how to use namespaces) so the random core didn't suck :).

Lady Diamond

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XiRCON eh? There's a client I hadn't heard about until today. Not sure how much sense I'd make out of the TCL scripts but I'd still like to see it out of curiosity. I'm assuming you sign onto IRC twice, once as yourself and once as the bot? (duh :) ) most folks I know who run bots use Pirch or deal with runnin' two instances of mIRC. When you get time, no rush :)



Lady Diamond if its not too much trouble please go ahead and change the code for the YBA generator too when you do the YB generator - its not too important for theYBA game but it will make it easier to just have one generator up if you are, like me, often generating moves for both games at the same time.

And thanks :)

Lady Diamond

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No problemo Wicht :) fix one file, copy it to the other folder. Easily done. Methinks I'll move the YBA generator off to another domain, so we'll have two domains to rely on since I'm usually not awake during prime-time. And, yer quite welcome. :)

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