[YB] Lady Diamond schools Mianaavri?


Mia silently thanks for Berandor's hard training. Even though, her breath comes in shorter puffs and she tries to reamin concentrated.
'I must end this fight now, before I must give up. If only I had taken the training more seriously.', she berates herself before attacking anew.

The fox kicks before the vale; absorbs the offensive of the ki!

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OOC: Final post for today...

Panting, Mia tries to gather enough force for an additional attack. She grits her teeth, and suddenly she is in a different world, in a kind of fighting trance. Her muscles don't hurt anymore, and the score of the match is no longer on her mind. All she can see are her opponent's moves, and noticing what style they form.
Her mind is completely shut off now, she doesn't even have the awareness to be afraid of this state.

Observers may notice that suddenly, Mias face shows great elation, and she is grinning widely. Her head is tilted a little, and it looks as if she has darkly painted eyes and lips on a white painted face. But this moment is over quickly.

Still, Mia attacks with seemingly astonishing grace.

The blizzard rains upon the gate as it quells the pond; powerfully wards off the assailment of the steel!

Lady Diamond

First Post
OOC: same here, time to study after this one.

Lady Diamond inhales sharply, seeing Mia's visage seem to transform into something.. lacking innocence. What kind of magic is this?? She scowls, looking around quickly for one who might exert a dark influence upon the girl, but sees no one. Should she render Mia unconscious? Would that stop the force that seems to be enveloping the girl and transforming her into something darker? She circles Mia intently, watching what appears to be a transformation, making a decision she goes for an overwhelming attack, perhaps too late already to silence whatever power seems to have taken hold of Mia.

The manta ray overwhelms the swamp; scatters the thrust of the bird!


The eyes of the judges flash red for a moment and then they motion to their flag girl.

Point and Match to Mianaavri

Lady Diamond You fought well, but youth in this case was the victor. You are now a yellow Belt 0.

Mianaavri You have won and the future is yours - will you tread the path of honor or the path of power?


Mianaavri is lost in her motion. When the judges declare her the winner, she lets out a hysterical laughter.

Grinning widely, she draws the kanata of pure silvery moonlight, aiming it at Lady Diamond.
Suddenly she freezes, her eyes seem to focus on the world again, and her grip on the katana fails. The sword clutters to the ground, the blade looking dull.
Mia stumbles forward, into Lady Diamonds arms. She slings her arms around the Dragon Lady's waist and buries her face in D's embrace.
Between tears, she presses out, "H.. help me!"

OOC: Now, if that didn't fit nicely :) I was waiting for an elaborate attack to start this development, and winning a fight with it is very appropriate - especially with the agreed stipulation.

Needless to say, I will choose the path of light - for now. Lady Diamond can determine what style she chooses to train me in.

Lady Diamond

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OOC: This was win-win in my book. Mia learns the Dragon style. Funny, Darkwalker is Dragon, Mia is Dragon. Sorta like pre-destined. ;) We'll see where it leads and how far we get before the reset.

"Whoa there", Lady Diamond exclaims as Mia passes out in her arms. Poor kid, exhausted her last bit of strength in the fight. Feeling quite strong herself (having plenty of energy left after the fight Was her plan, after all.. :p to you, judges for laughing).

Gathering up the young girl in her arms and slinging her over one shoulder, Lady Diamond picks Mia's katana up off the ground with its sheath and steps lightly into the saddle, sliding the katana under her saddle bag where it will be safe (and out of Mia's immediate reach). Sitting Mia between her and the pommel for the trip back to the Dragon and the West Wind dojo and holding her arms lightly about Mia's waist she nudges the white mare into an easy ground-eating gallop.

OOC: TBC in the Dragon and the West Wind dojo thread

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