[YB/YBA-META] Frames


Well we can't really use the old html battleframes anymore.

We can try to figure out a means to recreate the Frames with vbCode (don't believe we really can though).

Other options are simply returning to the sig-blocks, setting up a webhost to host frames (and just simply have them linked to), or such.

I know vanor was trying to set up a server or cgi script to track and manage record keeping for YB at least, it shouldn't be too hard to expand that so it can generate simply frames for YBA use.

Anyway, just a heads up for the most part :).

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I believe Morrus has the option to allow HTML code in this forum only if he likes.

You should start a topic in the Meta forums letting him know your issue.


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Another META question. Can someone with the authority to do so please make the following threads 'sticky' so they will stay at the top of the page always?

  • Fighter Registration thread
  • Dojo/Gang Registration thread
  • Useful URL's thread

Thanks in advance!


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omokage said:
I believe Morrus has the option to allow HTML code in this forum only if he likes.

You should start a topic in the Meta forums letting him know your issue.

He could allow HTML, but he can't yet allow HTML while also disabling JAVA from being used, and there is much concern over that. Since they don't want to allow JAVA use, and they have not been able to seperate that from HTML use in the options, they have both disabled for now. If you have knowledge of how to get around that problem, I'm sure Morrus would be glad to hear about it and so would we in the Fight Club since we used a bunch of HTML for our character battle frames.

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Welll... since javascript is used in html I think that'd be kinda tough... unless someone knows how to disable it on the server side. Maybe some guru over at vBulletin knows.

2 cents


hmm, makes sense. Is it Java or Javascript you're worried about, or both?

Wicht, if javascript is enabled people can create problems with certain browsers and cause them to crash.

I'll look into allowing HTML without allowing Java applets or Javascript.


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The plan seems to be to put a certain tag used for java on the profanity list...

btw, Lady Diamond... I was pondering about the pic you have, too. nice one!


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YBA suggestion

I would suggest for YBA that at the beginning of each fight all involved (monsters included) post their relevant powers and possessions and then in frames within the fight we post only our descriptive text, current hits, and moves.


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Wicht, what if the DM of the 'module' edits the first post when any new monster appears instead of having it there from the begining. Might take some of the fun out of it if we aren't surprised by what we fight.

p.s. How do you like my alternate identity?


Very nice ID

That would work with the editing - or the new monsters stats could be given whenever it showed up. Either way. :)


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Good news! Since most of the offending are being put into the censor filter (thus the script tag becomes :):):):):):):):)), HTML will probably be re-enabled soon, and we can just keep using our battleframes!

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