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I honestly have more 5E books than I really should, but I try to buy things when I visit my FLGS just to keep them alive (and to encourage stocking things I like). I don't tend to keep regret purchases, but I'll see what I can remember.

Wizards of the Coast: Every official hardcover printed through November 2022, with the exception of the Tyranny of Dragons reprint (because it was redundant) and Monsters of the Multiverse (because it was redundant). With one exception (Acquisitions Inc) I loyally bought every hardcover on release, up until Ravenloft, after which I became much more cautious. Almost didn't buy Spelljammer. Waiting on reviews for Dragonlance. Of official boxed sets, I have the original Starter Set, Essentials Kit, and the new Starter Set. Did not purchase the Stranger Things set (though I considered it) or the Rick and Morty set.

I've only read a little over a dozen of the above so far, and have yet to read any I would actually regret (though I expect to feel that way after some of the more recent ones). Theros was probably the most disappointing that I read, but it wasn't bad. My favorites of non-core books so far would be Volo's (yes, despite warts), Xanathar's, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (though less enthusiastically than Volo's), and Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

DM Guild POD: Elemental Evil Player's Companion (liked), Monster Manual Expanded I and II (original versions, not read yet).

Goodman Games: Read assorted Fifth Edition Fantasy modules, didn't dislike any but did give several away. Still have a few unread. (Favorite is actually one I don't own in print, Glitterdoom; my brother ran that for us.) Also own OAR 1-6 (Into the Borderlands through Temple of Elemental Evil), haven't read yet.

Kobold Press: Tome of Beasts (liked), Creature Codex, Tome of Beasts II, Midgard Heroes Handbook, Deep Magic, Vault of Magic, Tome of Heroes (rest all unread). Had the two Warlock compilations but gave them away.

EN Publishing: Level Up core rulebooks, Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters. Haven't read yet. Also owned A Touch of Class and the later hardcover compilation, which were largely disappointing and I gave away. (Still have the PDFs, though.)

DMDave: BroadSword #3, BroadSword Monstrous Compendium. Haven't read yet. Did read BroadSword #1 and #2, not bad, but gave away. (Still have the PDFs.)

Quillion: Rolled & Told Volumes 1 and 2. Haven't read the hardcover versions yet, but did read some of the individual issues, which were fine.

MCDM: Kingdoms & Warfare, just arrived, unread. Awaiting Flee, Mortals! Had Strongholds & Followers, was a bit disappointed (too much off-topic filler) but didn't hate, kept PDF and gave away hardcover.

Green Ronin: Tal'dorei Campaign Setting, not yet read. There have been others I considered, but due to previous behavior by their leadership, I no longer buy products from Green Ronin.

Darrington Press: Tal'dorei Campaign Setting Reborn. Not yet read (and won't happen until after I read the previous).

Onyx Path: Scarred Lands Creature Collection. Not yet read.

Troll Lord Games: Monsters & Treasure of Airhde. Not yet read.

Jetpack 7: Gods and Goddesses Redux. Not yet read. Did read Legendary Dragons, was a bit disappointed (too much filler), but didn't hate, kept PDF and gave away hardcover.

Cubicle 7: Some, but not all, of the Adventures in Middle-Earth line, none read yet. Planning to buy Doctors and Daleks when it's released in print.

Edge Studio: Adventures in Rokugan. Not yet read.

Wyvern Gaming: Stargate SG-1 RPG. Not yet read.

Legendary Games: Bought a handful of their products in print, was disappointed by enough of their material I don't buy them anymore. Gave away my print copies.

AAW Games: Had Underworld Races & Classes for a while, but eventually decided I wasn't interested enough, and gave it away.

Media Lab Books: Had The Game Master's Book of Random Encounters, lost interest and gave it away. Picked up The Game Master's Book of Legendary Dragons, only to learn it was a duplicate of Legendary Dragons with a different cover, so it also went on the giveaway pile...
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I honestly have more 5E books than I really should, but I try to buy things when I visit my FLGS just to keep them alive (and to encourage stocking things I like).
Same. I bought 2 books I otherwise had zero interest in (Ravnica and Wildemount) immediately after my FLGS reopened from COVID closure just to help support them.

E: RFtLW (Alt cover)
MOoT (Alt cover)
TCoE (Alt cover)
VRGtR (Alt cover)
FToD (Alt cover)
Strixhaven (Alt cover)
W: DotMM
GoS (Alt cover)
BG: DiA (Alt cover)
ID: RotF (Alt cover)
ToD (Alt cover)
CM (Alt cover)
TWBtW (Alt cover)
TRC (Alt cover)
D:SotDQ (Deluxe bundle)

And multiple starter sets (LMoP, Essentials Kit, Stranger Things, and DoSI).

Strongholds and Followers (MCDM)
Remarkable Inns and Their Drinks (Loresmyth)
Remarkable Shops and Their Wares (Loresmyth)
Remarkable Cults and Their Followers (Loresmyth)
The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting and Enchanting (Nord)
Spectacular Settlements (Nord)
Dangerous Destinations (Nord)
Treacherous Traps (Nord)
Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed (Nord)
The Islands of Sina Una (HPP)
The Griffon's Saddlebag (HPP)
Heckna (HPP Kickstarter, waiting on fulfillment)
Humblewood (HPP)
Out of the Box: Encounters for 5e (Nerdarchy)
Deep Magic (Kobold Press)
Dragon Stew (Metal Weave Games)
Into the Borderlands (Goodman)
The Isle of Dread (Goodman)
The Temple of Elemental Evil (Goodman)
The Border Kingdoms (DMs Guild POD)
Pipyap's Guide to all of the Nine Hells (DMs Guild POD)
Monster Manual Expanded (DMs Guild POD)
Monster Manual Expanded II (DMs Guild POD)
Monster Manual Expanded III (DMs Guild POD)

I bought HoDQ and RoT to read, but never even opened them prior to the revised ToD being released so definitely some money wasted there. I've thumbed through Ravnica and Wildemount but don't really regret those since they were purchases to support my FLGS more than anything.


I was afraid I would have the shortest list, but see I might only be in the lower 25%.
3 core
3 started box sets
Yawning Portal

Might buy Saltmarsh
Likely will but the Phandelvar campaign out next summer.


I'm sure there's some stuff I'm leaving out, but I'll list what I can see in my gaming room currently. I'll rate the ones with which I've had a positive actual play experience with a "[+]". The ones that I'd say are overall negative actual play I'll mark with a "[-]". The ones I find neutral, I'm marking with an "[N]". Ones that aren't marked, I haven't played.

PHB [+]
DMG [-]
MM [+]
DM Screen [N]
Starter Set [+]
Horde of the Dragon Queen [-]
Curse of Strahd [+]
Icewind Dale [-]
Tomb of Annhilation [+]
Ghosts of Saltmarsh [N]
Descent into Avernus
Dragon Heist [-]
Dungeon of the Mad Mage [-]
Out of the Abyss [N]
Princes of the Apocalypse [+]
Storm King's Thunder [-]
Volo's [+]
Xanathar's [+]
Tasha's [N]
Mordenkainen's [N]
Third Party
Into the Borderlands (OAR) [N]
Isle of Dread (OAR) [+]
Lost City (OAR)
Rappan Athuk [N]
Tegel Manor [+]
Death Ship of the Roach Princess
Lost Menagerie
Hall of the Rainbow Mage
Menace in Ravenreach
Mystery at Ravenrock
Skullcano Island
Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride
Glimmering Crypt of the Ioun King [+]
Barrowmaze [+]
Tome of Beasts
Masterclass Codex
Odyssey of the Dragonlords


I have almost every book. I was on DnDBeyond but had only purchased digital copies of a few books (the PHB and MM) because I already had physical copies of those and a bunch of other ones, and I didn't want to pay twice). But then I learned that DnDBeyond offered a free set of pretty much everything if you were using D&D for educational purposes. So I sent them my particulars and bona fides for my sponsorship of the D&D Club at my school, and they added every single book to my DnDBeyond account. So the only ones that are missing are a few that came out subsequently, such as Spelljammer. And not only that, due to the source sharing feature on DnDBeyond, all of my players have access to all of those books as well.

I don't know if that program is still happening but I hope so. It was incredibly generous and appreciated.


Too many to list. Sticking with WotC and Critical Role...
Volo's Guide to Monsters
Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight
Tasha's Poorly Considered Collection of Trash
Tal'Dorei Reborn
Call of the Netherdeep

Special mention to one third party book:
Hidden Oddities: A Witch's Primer - Adore this book.

Regrets: See if you can guess! :)
I probably have about twice as many from other third party, mainly kickstarters. I might not use some, but I regret none.
If we expand to include PDF (paid, not free).... maybe 5 times as many? I've really turned around in recent years on the electronic media.

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