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D&D 5E Your Adventuring Party Names


Duncan T
What are your adventuring party names for groups you have played in or run for, memorable or mundane?

I want to use them to improve an adventuring party name generator.
Two from for my group include Band of the Badger and Company of the Shattered Lance

Other examples would be Fellowship of the Ring, Order of the Stick and Companions of the Hall

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Dusty Dragon
in one of the PbP game here we are the River Gang. We were named by Udit, a character with no artistic talents whatsoever.


Most of the parties I've played in or DMed for don't bother with a name. That said, when I played a 5e conversion of the Age of Worms campaign, we ended up calling ourselves the Black Dragons. When we fought in the arena, we even had black dragon masks and black cloaks. We also had a tavern/gambling den with a black dragon skull mounted on the wall.

We're currently playing through SKT, and when we sought assistance in Waterdeep, the DM told us we had to get an adventuring charter, which meant coming up with a party name. We somehow ended up as the Diverse Company of Heroes, much to the DM's great amusement and our chagrin.


41st lv DM
The sanctioned adventurers.
The party had to have a name for some in-game documents. This is the least stupid thing they agreed on....

In the Sunday PF game the party is becoming known as The Knights of Taldor.

But most parties I've played in or DMd for have never had names.


Duke Phelan's Warcamp, in which we played soliders in service to the duke
The Company of the White Star, a lore-based group of elves and half elves who explore ancient elven ruins
The Red Assembly, abyssal warlocks
The Black Star, infernal warlocks
Dexterous Dicky Fingers Gang, halfling thieves from Luskan
The Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, lore-based mage guild
The Fallen Company, group of Revenants from a game intent on revenge


The Silver Swords was the PCs group and The Far Riders was an NPC group who kept trying to take credit from the PCs. The players kept calling them the Tall Tale Riders.

Other groups are the Defenders of Phandalin, The Lanceriders, The Double-Daggers, The Night Owls, and The Mystic Wolves


My players have not gotten far enough along to actually name any of their teams. However, I do have an NPC adventuring party in my world named The Miniatures ("We deal with things bigger than us every day."), entirely made up of small sized creatures.


Victoria Rules
We've had various party names come and go over the years, some better than others:

The Enterprise Company (yes, named after the flippin' starship) - royal decree forced adventuring groups to incorporate (in effect) and this is the best they could come up with
Company of the Green Cloak - so named because during a session someone noticed that by sheer chance every mini in the party had been painted with a green cloak
The Lightbringers - this might have been a good idea if the party hadn't then immediately scattered to the four winds and formed new parties
Company of the Broken Soliloquy - a party started calling themselves this one day and I-as-DM still have no idea why, as I missed whatever conversation led up to it

Most of the time, though, when our games have multiple parties running concurrently we just use their usual geographical location* within the game world to refer to them e.g. the Northern party, the Eastern party, etc.; or if they're also being played concurrently on different nights it'll just be "the Friday group", "the Sunday group" etc.

* - which is right at the moment a tad confusing because both the game I play in and the game I DM have two main parties, in each case very clearly a "Northern" and a "Southern".

The Exiled - there were a number of places that for some reason wouldn't have us back
That just tells me you're doing it right! :)

Lan-"having been in parties that had no towns left in the realm that would allow us in, I can sympathize"-efan


Most of our groups didn't have a name, mostly because they wouldn't consider themselves adventuring groups.

Our Planescape adventurers were called Children of Sigil, although in the end the only true Sigilian would be our party's wizard while our rogue and our paladin came from Toril and our bard was originally Oerthian.


Two of our most memorable recent team names;
1) 'Iron and Mana' had a balanced mix of melee and spell characters, so fit perfectly. Also let them come up with the (some say stupid, some say clever) battle cry of "WE ARE, I AM!"
2) Like a lot of folks we started 5e with Lost Mines.
The ruffian group known as the Red Brands was such a pain in our posteriors that when we finally broke them up we took their name to make sure they couldn't rise back to power. Thus the 'Band of the Red Brand' was named, and a lot of inside jokes commenced.

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