Your baby: your own setting


We had an old piece of wallpaper that the original map was drawn upon. It was handed down to the DM at the time from his 1e play and that DM. It was one large continent where campaigns were built. Some were campaigns that used the same regions of earlier games and built upon the lore of that game and time. Some were kids of another campaign and they explored neighboring lands that were not quite developed. It was a fun time, and we played that world for all of 2e and some of 3e.

The map was handed down to me and I tried to develop more of the whole continent to be something more than a collection of old campaigns that all were roughly the same. I developed some general lore about the unexplored areas and had a couple campaigns of my own. The most detailed involved two kingdoms separated by mountains. One kingdom wanted to conquer the other to gain the ocean ports they controlled. The PCs eventually grew to power and became a leading force in the last, great battle situated in the mountain pass controlled by a lich that they needed to negotiate with.

The world seemed to have fallen away. I think I still have the large map with lots of notes and locations carved upon it, but it really is just a collection of campaigns that are forced together.

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I built a world for an Against the Darkmaster game... I managed to get the first couple of setting modules written up and they are on DriveThruRPG... search Saltheart RPG or Houndskeep...loved it, now just need to get to the rest of it. The black rain that fell and spoiled the land was its major theme...


You could argue that my Kaidan setting of Japanese Horror (PFRPG), my first published setting which was developed in 15 publications between 2010 and 2017, involving a Rite Publishing inhouse patronage system, a Kickstarter, multiple authors, editors, game designers, and illustrators. It was inspired by my first encounter with OA 1e, which found as a Japanese American had mistakes and concepts taken out of concept that I wanted to someday fix, and I eventually did. There would be truth in this statement. However, I continuously develop new settings and for publication, each putting my entire soul into it's design. I just completed a mini-setting as a custom Wildspace system I'm including into my first DM's Guild One D&D Spelljammer supplement. I've got 4 months of design and development into it. Certainly not same as the Kaidan project, but it's got my full dedication in making it...

I temporarily shelved a mini-setting guide series for a Starfinder setting promising to be more than a dozen supplements, while working on this Spelljammer project, but intend to get back to it, with predictions I've got a couple years of work to do on the Starfinder setting project.

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