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1st played & 1st DMed: B1 - later owned it as a I got the boxed set as a gift.
Can't recall 1st Bought as we mostly home brewed, would have been a judges guild (they were cheaper & my friends bought the TSR stuff) maybe Caverns of Thracia, Portals of Torsh or Verbobonc?
I think the first TSR one I bought might have been DL1.

L R Ballard

My group ran a home brewed campaign for a few years in the mid-1980s. A friend of mine owned the Isle of Dread, and I tried to run it, but I was only 12 at the time and didn't have enough of a grasp of the rules. I bought H4 The Throne of Bloodstone shortly after it came out. "Bloodstone," as we called it, became the go-to adventure for ending high-level campaigns.


Palace of the Silver Princess. But my older brother ran it. I'll never forget my very first PC, a cleric. We had the map in between us, and I had just killed a skeleton but was down to 1 hp. He asked which way I would go. I said left (my left). Problem, was that his left was the wall, not the door.

"You hit the wall and take 1 hp of damage. Oh, I guess that means you died."


First purchased and first run: Curse of Strahd.

Everything prior has been homebrew, from when we started during 2e, through 3e and even a one-off for 4e. Until recently I never had the urge to play any of the published adventures, but now they're too convenient for me to pass up when one piques my interest. I simply don't have the time to homebrew as much as I used to and so far no one else wants to take a crack at the DM chair.


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First module I purchased on its own was A-1 Slave Pits of the Undercity. I had Keep and Dread from the Basic and Expert sets but got A-1 from Bookworld in Carbondale Illinois.

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If we also count magazines that included adventures, then I have absolutely no idea of what was the first module I purchased. If we only count products that were specifically designed as adventures, then my first purchase ever was Valkenburg Foundation, for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. I know, nothing to write home about... xD

Tony Vargas

Just getting some nostalgia/ discussion going.

What was the first module that you purchased?
B1, I think it was, In Search of the Unknown, the one that came in the c1980 Basic Set, which, I'm guessing, I'd already played in. I promptly lost it, though. I finally got a copy and ran it using 5e the Feb after that came out. I guess that's my record for greatest lag between buying & running. ;)
What was the first module that you ran? Was it for D&D or another game system? Was it official?
"Sprechenhaltestelle." For Top Secret. From the pages of Dragon Magazine, but not technically official, I don't think. A complete trainwreck, since I ran it like a dungeon - which is the only reason I remember, with certainty, that I did run it, not just read it.

I'm not sure when I first ran a module for D&D. I'd carefully read through quite a few, bought or borrowed, and played in many (not always knowing if it was a module, made-up, or random, behind that DM screen) but I'd gotten the idea that the 'right' way to run D&D was to come up with your own stuff.


I remember having The Assassin's knot but not running it. First one I bought and ran was Under Illefarn for FR back in 86-87 era


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The first module I ran was B2: Keep on the Borderlands.
Because it came packed in the Basic set that I got for Christmas.

The first module I bought would be X1: The Isle of Dread.
Because it came packed in the Expert set.

Um, ditto. Are you sure you aren't me? :)

Though not too long after that I sold both of them and picked up the AD&D books and started colecting those modules. Slave Lords, Against the Giants and Queen of the Demonweb pits, but also Lost Tower of Inverness and Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Didn't get a chance to run many of them.


Victoria Rules
First "module" I ever played in was a homebrew, as were the next few. First official module was A2 (but just the end, as my character was the rescued engineer) followed by L1 Bone Hill.

First one I ever bought? Good question; no idea. First one I ever ran? B7 Rahasia, which is quite good.



I got X6: Quagmire, MV1: Midnight on Dagger Alley, and Knight of the Living Dead (Catacombs solo adventure) as gifts not too long after getting the Red Box Basic Set.

As for purchased myself with my own money...that's a tough one. My gaming budget went to supplements 90% of the time...I avoided adventures for a long time.

The first one that comes to mind is Dark of the Moon, a 2E Ravenloft adventure.


Well, I am not sure. I bought a boxed set as best I can remember around the end of 1978 which unfortunately I lost track of a long time ago. So I think it must have been Holmes Basic. Looking at the info online on B1, though, on the one hand it looks much more extensive than what I remember, but on the other "Quasqueton" sounds really familiar. Does anyone have info on the sample dungeon that was included with Holmes Basic prior to B1? The only other thing that I recall is that it seems to me the DM had to place all the monsters and the treasure.

Whatever it was, I DM'd for my girl friend running a solo character. She died (to a carrion crawler IIRC) without getting very far. So she DM'd it and I tried to solo it. I died without getting very far. Why we did not understand that you needed a party and why we remained interested, I have no idea. In any case, before too long we learned that a friend was running an AD&D homebrew. We played in that for a year or so and then I ran a homebrew for a couple of years. And then there was a loooong pause until last summer when I picked up the 5e(*) books (at the behest of one of my old players from years ago who was suffering from boredom in retirement).

So if you count whatever it was that was in the boxed set, then that was the first that I bought/played/ran. If not, then I have never played or run a module. I did buy OotA to see what the current published adventures looked like, but I don't have any plans to run it.

(*) Completely off topic, but the effect of having played AD&D and then looking at 5e was a bit amusing. I read through the books and thought, "Well, this has certainly been modernized and polished, but for the amount of time that has gone by, not much has changed." I did not learn the The Rest of the Story until I started reading this forum. :)


Yep, that was B1 "In search of the Unknown". Two levels, a bunch of roomswith interesting descriptions, a list of monsters and a list of treasures. The DM placed the monsters and the treasures in the rooms and away you go.


(*) Completely off topic, but the effect of having played AD&D and then looking at 5e was a bit amusing. I read through the books and thought, "Well, this has certainly been modernized and polished, but for the amount of time that has gone by, not much has changed." I did not learn the The Rest of the Story until I started reading this forum. :)

That is amusing. I'm playing in an encounters group with another older player who has only ever played 2e in his life before and I swear every second sentence out of his mouth is "That's ridiculous". This was his response to:

Cantrips can be cast every round, all day
Attribute bonus doesn't add to spell slots
Attribute bonus doesn't add to Cantrips known (in spite of him thinking at-will spells are broken - guess he wants to go back to crossbows and darts)
Multiclassing doesn't give you full class abilities for both classes
Attribute bonuses are based on class levels, not character levels (actually I agree on those but that's another story)

Wednesday Boy

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My first module purchased, run, and played was First Quest--an introductory boxed set for 2nd Edition. It had four scenarios--a dungeon with humanoids, a haunted house, a Spelljammer, and a caves with a dragon. I ran the first one for three of my friends and then each of them took a turn running one of the other scenarios.

After that intro set we each bought a full module and rotated weekly which one we played. For that I ran the Greyhawk module Patriots of Ulek (WGQ1). My friends ran the Dragonlance modules Wild Elves (DLS4) and Dragon's Rest (DLA3) and the settingless Silver Key.

Viking Bastard

The first module I ever ran was the one that was included with the Icelandic RPG Askur Yggdralsis, which I got for my 10th birthday. It was also the only module I ever ran as-is until 4e, when I ran White Plume Mountain.

I'm not sure which was the first module I ever bought, though—I amassed a bunch of 2e modules and issues of Dungeon Magazine from my local gaming store's bargain bin. I never ran any of them, or rather, only bits from some of them.


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First adventure i ran was the Basic D&D Red Box dungeon and the first purchase was Terrible Trouble at Tragidore module (included with REF1 Dungeon Master's Screen)
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