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That is a weird take to me. I agree with the 'meaning does not exist' part in the sense that there is no outside purpose you have to fulfill / live up to. What matters and what holds meaning is up to you.

Other people are why we are in this mess, so by and large they get no sympathy from me. Obviously there are some individuals I care about, but mankind... not so much.
And that’s where ya lose me. Any world view that disregards people in general is not one I’m willing to treat with.
Maybe it does, not sure what difference that makes with respect to the veracity of the fact however. Facts do not care about your feelings ;) I am not prone to consider something to be true because I like the implications of it, I can see how this prevents you / others from even considering such a view however
Nah, I have considered and rejected the view because I find it nonsensical.
Just because nothing lasts forever makes no difference to how I see the achievements of individual humans. Some were a net positive, others were not. That nothing anyone accomplished lasts forever is irrelevant. To me that is very much a religious view (eternal soul / reward / damnation) and deeply flawed.
It has nothing to do with religion. Most people I know who share my pov are atheists.
As I said, it is not about the heat death of the universe or even the end of our solar system, which will come much sooner, relatively speaking. I am looking at the next few hundred to a thousand years here.

I see no reason why I should be more concerned with events that are 500 years away than with ones 5 million years away, neither will affect me.

it doesn't, I don't think I ever claimed it does.

Show me how mankind dying out in 500 years changes your life right now. As far as I can tell it changes no one's life today, we certainly do not behave like it does.
-shrug- that’s the context of the exchange that started my involvement in this discussion, regardless.
As long as 40% are in complete denial of the situation and vote against their interests, I do not see anything changing (did I mention that going by the actions of the last 50 years, we are completely unequipped for a situation like this? ;) ). I am certainly voting in favor of certain policies / goals, but it is not a fight that one person will win. As I said earlier, I am not expecting to make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but I toll away at the small things I do control.
Yeah, I was right when I tried to walk away. Should have left it there.

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I’m trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but quoting people like Ben Shapiro makes that more difficult.
I use it because as far as I can tell the side that came up with it is the one acting on feeling the most, they are all about that, and projection. To wave it in their face / turn it around on them (not implying you fall into that group). Don't take this to mean I agree with that guy on anything


Well other beings, if we want to avoid any potential argument about what “people” means, and the world.
We're probably veering way too far off for the board, but I'm curious how this take (which I wouldn't disagree with as such, even if people/beings and the world are finite and passing) squares with "I don’t believe that meaning exists or anything matters in any greater sense" for you?

Honest question, that just seems like a view of the world that includes meaning and the belief that some things matter.

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