Your most anticipated games of 2016?

Goodman games DCC Mutant Crawl Classics and the DCC Lankmar game. Both based off of DCC but both...

Goodman games DCC Mutant Crawl Classics and the DCC Lankmar game. Both based off of DCC but both complete games and different. I think they will be compatible but I'm not sure.

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The things that I am looking forward to for 2016 are:

No Thank You Evil,
The Skybourne Campaign Setting
The Aethera Campaign Setting and
The Legendary Planet Adventure Path

Confederates of the Shattered Zone is HERE... for our beloved backers of the Legendary Planet Kickstarter! The Pathfinder version is up now and available for download, both from our own Dropbox and by private download code through DrivethruRPG! If you're a backer, check your Kickstarter messages and your email and come and get it!

You can check out all the latest information and updates on the 5E version (which is heading into layout this weekend) and on the other adventures in this saga in our latest Kickstarter update!

The Conan RPG by Modiphius hasn't been KS'd yet - it is in open testing at the moment.

I think you are getting it confused with various boardgame Conan things (with/without minis) which have funded and are underway, and a Conan pre-painted minis line which cancelled without funding.

Actually I was part of the Conan RPG KS by Modiphius last March. :) The physical books haven't gone out yet but they have released PDF of the Core book (for revisions and error checking) to the backers.
I'm crossing my fingers the physical books start going out in March.




And to be fair Conan was something I was looking forwards to from teh minute I heard of, and backed, the KS - and I can't wait to get the actual books :)

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