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Yuan Ti and allies thread (Ti-Khana critters)

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Ugh - the formatting on dndbeyond drives me insane...

Ti-Khana Giant Pterosaur

Ti-Khana Venomwing Pterosaur

That's added the spacing before the "(Based on a monster from the Fiend Folio (2003).)" in the Ti-Khana Giant Pterosaur but not the Ti-Khana Venomwing Pterosaur, and neither of them have a space before the Creatures of the Yuan-ti. section.

Incidentally, I just realized that the Fiend Folio in the credit had lost the italics that was present in the Deinonychus and Triceratops Ti-khana conversions. I've corrected all the Ti-kha Pteros.

So how does the spacing formatting in D&D Beyond Work?

Do you just add line breaks or paragraph breaks and hope for the best?

The Enworld formatting is a bit like that. It has an annoying trait of autocompressing multiple spaces when I WANT multiple spaces somewhere, but I can get around it by using em-spaces and the like, as it only affects normal spaces.

It's a lot easier with the conversions I add to the Creature Catalog Downloads since I just can just write the HTML codes for whatever formatting I want.

Maybe use line breaks with a space in the middle would stop it mushing the paragraphs together?

In HTML I'd use a non-breaking space (in HTML that's a   or the Unicode character 00A0 in hex or 0160 in decimal).

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