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ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist 5th Ed stat blocks


Hi everyone,
I ran Zeitgeist in Pathfinder 6 years back ago and got up to part 5.
Loved it, its my favourite RPG experience ever and I'm about to start it again in DnD 5th ed.

Question though, sometimes the combat encounters refer to stats I'm not sure where to find.
For example, on page 11 of adventure 1 the Dockers are to use Bandit Captain stats and Thames Grisley is to use Bandit Captain stats.

Where can I find these stats?
Are they in the DM's guide? (I didn't buy it because I didn't see any use for it thinking Player's handbook plus Zeitgeist modules would cover it)

Kind regards

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Didn’t you ask this same question a few days ago? :)



Ymmv but I made some that were more similar to the colorful 4E statblocks.


  • Thames Grimsley.PNG
    Thames Grimsley.PNG
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  • Docker Longshoreman.PNG
    Docker Longshoreman.PNG
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  • Docker Veteran.PNG
    Docker Veteran.PNG
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Hi Morrus, this is really weird, I only asked this question once, but somehow it has come up twice???

"Whoever", how far through the module did you go with making stat blocks?
They look great, do you have anymore to share?


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