ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist: Endgame


After years and years of gaming, one night a week, the Heroes of Risur have slain Nicodemus and are preparing to complete the Ancient ritual.
I'm quite pleased that the group spent half our session debating the merits of planar configurations.
FWIW, it's looking like Jiese, Baden, Guay (with The Dreaming transplanted into it), Dunkel, Ostea, Bral (aka Spelljammer), Caeloon, & Iratha Ket.
One and a half battles to go (VoR in the Gyre, Gradiax on Axis Island), the denouement of a renewed world, then I'm taking a break from DMing.


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Andrew Moreton

Nice Graphics!
But only half a session on planar configurations Lightweights :). With my trying to keep it down to what was needed we easily had a full session and bits of several other sessions, several essay's and time motion studies on the most efficient way to implement the changes.
Also nice to see a fee new worlds in the Gyre.
Congratulations on completing it is a long and epic campaign, and one I may run again in the future.

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