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ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist plot question


We have just started Diaspora.
And the party has captured Hans Jierre and believe Stanfield is a spy for Pemberton.
I think I've headed off any immediate issues, the party are heading for Elfivar rather than going after Stanfield. I can start Last Starry night with them going after Stanfield. And the next Jierre up can take over Danor.
Can anybody see any plot issues that might be difficult to navigate?

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1. I'm impressed with your party.

2. Do you think the party won't end up in Methia at the end of adventure 8?

3. Adventure 5 has Minister of War . . . I forget her name. But I think it'd be better to have her ascend as interim leader, rather than a new Jierre the party doesn't know. (Unless Lya is still alive. Or, for a real weird turn, Luc.)


The party is at the stage where they are making sudden plot leaps, with a small amount of information. For instance I had one player asking a large amount of questions about teleporting and planer travel. After Delft arrived and threw up. And I have no idea what the player is thinking of going with his train of thought.

I'm pretty sure the party will end up at Methia. Unless they change their mind and decide not to go to Elfivar.

I was going to invent another Jierre , but I could use Duffet just as easily. Lya and Luc are dead.