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Kickstarter Zine Quest 3 - Mysteries of the Mists - Unleash horrifying monsters and versatile magic items in your D&D 5e adventures

Hi all, I'm launching a Kickstarter project for Zine Quest 3 in February, a zine collection of 10 new monsters to challenge your players with, 4 new spells to encourage greater creativity in play, and 16 new magic items for getting out of difficult situations.

3 horrifying monsters from my first 5e horror module The Howling Caverns:
  • The Gharblest (CR 3): A terrifying mix of the ruthless ferocity of a goblin and the raw power of a Barghest
  • Qalupalik (CR 3): Slinking from the frozen sea to drag unsuspecting prey into the endless abyss
  • Wereowl (CR 1): Swift and merciless but easily distracted by shiny things
And 7 monsters appearing in the follow-up Colossus Wake:
  • Chittering mimic (CR 4): A terrifyingly nimble mimic variant that unleashes a stream of disorienting gibberish
  • Gelatinous pond (CR 4): Rarer and deadlier than their cuboid relations, able to hide in plain sight for years before striking
  • The Scarlet Jack (CR 21): The manifestation of a broken vow, heartless and unstoppable
  • Sendrak (CR 10): Nightmare made flesh in the twisted form of a dragon
  • Silvertongue (CR 5): Charming half-devil specialising in intrigue and subterfuge
  • Traitor’s Heart (CR 4): A black heart twisted by betrayal refuses to die; the heartbeat of death approaches
  • Violet pudding (CR 4): Magical corruption taken physical form, spreads chaos and death

16 remarkable magic items:
  • Blade of the Norns: A sickle with the power to snip the threads of fate
  • Coronal of Insight: Crown of an eldritch being of nightmare bringing with it the curse of knowledge
  • Egil’s Fury: Enchanted longbow imbued with frost, fire, and lightning
  • The Elder Horn: Summon an ally or broadcast your intentions to the world
  • The Eye of Dawn: A morning star forged by the Sun god, destined to burn the undead
  • Formless Clay: Shape a small ally to fight by your side
  • Hardened Heart: Once-living heart twisted and corrupted by hatred hardens your own in turn
  • Indomitable Greataxe: Conquer the demon fear and overcome all odds
  • Mirror Shield: Deflect a magical force and reflect it upon your foe
  • Radiant Sphere: Dispel the darkness in a crash of brilliance
  • Raven Dirk: Vanish in a flurry of black feathers and reappear to deliver a fatal strike
  • The Scarlet Jack: A cursed coin and manifestation of the cost of a broken vow
  • The Scintillating Wren: Summon an enchanted bird to act as guide and familiar
  • Truemetal Circlet: Bestows ancient magical knowledge and power long thought lost
  • Volundr’s Chain: God-forged iron chain said to summon a soldier of flame
  • Wings of Steel: Glide on the winds with these exquisite dwarven bracers

The zine will be available in PDF or in print. Back at higher levels to get copies of my two 5e horror adventures The Howling Caverns and Colossus Wake.

Sign up now to get notified when the project goes live on the 1st of February!

Colin (@ByOdinsBeardRPG)
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Mysteries of the Mists is now live and has hit 30% funding already!

I've added a deluxe hardcover stretch goal with a new cover from fantasy art legend Ralph Horsley; I'm super excited to see this cover so please back to make this happen!

Ships to the UK, US/Canada, and the EU starting in March.

Colin (@ByOdinsBeardRPG)

Thanks to everyone's support the zine has passed 80% funding! I've decided to give back to the TTRPG community and I'll be adding community copies of Mysteries of the Mists on itch.io for every pledge level:
  • Support - 1 for every 5 backers
  • PDF Only - 1 for every backer
  • Print & PDF Bundle - 2 for every backer
  • The Eldritch Mists PDF Bundle - 3 for every backer
  • The Eldritch Mists Print Bundle - 4 for every backer
  • Hardcover & PDF Bundle (LOCKED) - 5 for every backer
At current count, that will be 108 community copies available on itch.io. These will go to anyone in struggling or marginalised communities, no questions asked.

Thanks all, onwards to 100%!

Colin (@ByOdinsBeardRPG)

We've now passed 90% and are closing in on the goal!

If you like the look of Mysteries of the Mists, consider backing at the The Eldritch Mists Bundle - Print tier. You'll get print and PDF copies of the following books in the Eldritch Mists setting:


  • The Howling Caverns: Solve the mystery of the Barghest in this 6-8 hour horror adventure for level 1 characters
  • Colossus Wake: Bring down the mountain in this 12-15 hour epic adventure for level 3 characters
  • Mysteries of the Mists: A collection of the monsters and magic from The Howling Caverns and Colossus Wake
Digital copies will be fulfilled by DriveThruRPG or itch.io after the campaign ends.

All 3 physical books will be A5 paperback format, and professionally printed to a high standard by Mixam in the UK.

- Colin (@ByOdinsBeardRPG)

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