Release Zyborg Commando Resurrection Overdrive

Mark Plemmons

I just released a new RPG I've been working on for a couple of years. I bypassed Kickstarter since I could do all of the art and graphic design myself for a change. POD book coming probably 1st quarter 2021.

You can see preview pages at the link: Zyborg Commando Resurrection Overdrive - Brabblemark Press | Zyborg Commando Resurrection Overdrive |

When crawling terror comes from space, only the living dead can save the Earth.

is a twisted, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi horror roleplaying game. In this dark future, a invasion of giant robotic insects and their masters is only opposed by you and your comrades - undead cybersoldiers risen from the grave on a mission of vengeance.

ZCRO is Starship Troopers meeting Return of the Living Dead while chewing a piece of Bubblegum Crisis and rocking out to a soundtrack by the Misfits. It's a war of horrors with Hollywood-style tactics and combat, but it's equally about trust, shadows, torments, and the struggle against a never-ending Hunger. Come on - take a bite.

ZCRO is a complete RPG, featuring:
  • a new d10x skill and combat system that is simple to use, encouraging tactics and teamwork to master;
  • easy step-by-step character creation rules for 4 ZYBORG COMMANDO callsigns: the Cannibal, Ghost, Psycho, and Ripper;
  • character aspects (trust, shadows, torments, and Hunger) designed to encourage teamwork and roleplaying;
  • quick advancement rules to boost your abilities even as your memories and humanity continue to decay;
  • a GameMaster's chapter with detailed advice on how to run a ZCRO game, including useful ideas for almost any other RPG;
  • sample survivors, beasts, and alien invaders with dozens of possible attacks, abilities, and weapons, plus random charts for creating your own unique extraterrestrial army; and
  • conveniently bookmarked chapters, sections, and hyperlinked page references.

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