The Four Lands - Divine Avengers
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    The Four Lands - Divine Avengers

    In the year 1221 after the destruction of the first Hundred, the Church was stunned that such evil could still reside in the Valley of Light and that it could muster such resources as to total destroy the entire Hundred in one evening.

    As a great requime mass is held the following day with Prelate Harrick officiating the mood is somber and reflective. As the ceremony reaches it's climax a dark cloud manifest itself close to the main altar. Before the assembled primates, clergy and knights can react a dark figure steps forth from the cloud and raises a dark blade. With one steady strike he plunges the blade into the Prelate causing him to fall towards the high altar with a dark red stain spreading along his snowy white garb. Falling towards the altar the Prelats voice can be heard 'We have been betrayed". The room explodes into action as the assembeld person finaly realize what has happend..

    Actions/you were attending the funeral service as an honor guard to your superios/church patron.
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    Sir Harstard Dagarson, on the right side of his preceptor, stares in a disbelief for a fraction of second, then his battle instincts kick in and he starts moving. The blond giant takes his way oversized red-steel greataxe and steps in front of his superior. After a moment, the other honor guards close the defensive circle. They are not heavily armored: it seems that there is more steel on their weapons then on their armors.

    Harstard quickly evaluates the situation, and he considers throwing a light hammer at the direction of the attacker. However he is not really close to the altar, and he would risk hitting another one. A quick thought flashes in his mind: And those stupid southerners asked us to bring some ceremonial and flicky weapons

    Then he looks at his preceptor and roars: Orders!
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    Carvin Wray - Battle Sorcerer of Pelor

    Carvin moves to his patron's side as the dark cloud manifests. In his clerical robes with a silver holy symbol of Pelor on his chest, he looks like a young priest and not a sorcerer trained for melee combat. As the Prelate falls too far away for healing, Carvin stares at the face of his patron, the preceptor, looking for the signs of surprise and fear. If the attack spreads, the fight will come to him, so instead of focusing on the attacker, Carvin begins to survey the faces of those around him, looking for any sign not of surprise and fear. Is there satisfaction on anyone's face?

    OOC: spot check 1d20 → [19] = (19)

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    Gregory Brightlaw - Divine Avengers

    Standing with the rest of the representatives from the Order of Truth and Justice, Gregory is again impressed by the full ceremonies of the Church. Lost in his reverie, Gregory is startled by the sudden disruption of the proceedings. Not truly aware of the danger he is placing himself in, Gregory steps closer to the dark figure to bring himself in range of the power the Light has blessed him with.

    Gregory recites a small prayer to the Light as he focuses Its power upon the dark figure. Then he comes to himself and concentrates on defending himself as he looks for those who need his help.

    Gregory casts Heat Metal at the dark figure. DC 15 Will negates.

    Initiative at disruption of ceremony. (1d20+1=19)

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    Perpetually ready for combat, Bestor Drake immediately steps in front of his patron, blade springing into hand. The lean, young warrior takes a moment to take in the scene. Seeing the other guards move in to protect their patron, Bestor moves forward toward the dark figure. He only wished that Wingaard was at his side, but the great dog had not been allowed into the church.

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    Redford Thornrose

    Thinking on how good it was he didn't travel with ceremonial weapons, Redford steps in front of prelate Julius, his halberd held across to block approach of others he turns to the prelate.

    I would like to go and stop him, sir. By your leave, of course. I suggest you retreat with others toward the exit.

    OOC: If given permission, he will cast True Strike and charge toward the intruder

    Initiative at the Cathedral (1d20+1=10)

    Looking at the intruder Redford quickly assesses the opponent.
    Identifying spells on the intruder (spellcraft) (1d20+6=24)

    Starting forward, he looks out for someone pretending to be surprised or scared or acting false in general.
    Sense motive observing the crowd (1d20+4=8)
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    I will give the rest of the group till Wednesday to check in and post...if they have not posted by then I will start the game with those who have posted.

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    Caught completely unprepared for the sudden explosion of violence,
    Jessica lets out a plaintive "Who.. Who are you? why would you do such a thing?"
    she steps back away from the barred steel, and without thinking, brings up a magical shield between herself and the enemy.

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    Thurien is startled out of his prayers by the attack and is stunned by the ferocity and the betrayal. For a heartbeat he stands there silently screaming and then he calls out to his patron "They must not take the body!" and speeds towards the prelate's body. They may have killed the the prelate, but he would not allow his body to be desecrated by these traitors.

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    Goric narvas Zatina

    Goric almost shakes his head in amusement. He can see it on all their faces - so many questions but nobody thinks to ask the important one: "By whom?" Drawing the Dragon Blade more out of habit than desire to rush into this battle - if there was to be one at all - for there were many much more suited to this pursuit present he signals the rest of the Archbishop's guard to close their ranks as he studies the dark figure before him.

    OoC: Knowledge (Religion) (1d20+9=29) to check if this reminds him of anything from the Church history/teachings.

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