Adventure:Land Ho! FWBTHW (DM:H.M.Gimlord,Judge:Ozymandias79) - Page 87
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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    OOC: Theroc: Unfortunately, the stunned condition is not a Save Ends condition. It is until the end of the dragon's next turn.

    Tenchuu: NP. Yes you can take free actions, but not immediate actions, and no, I will not forget your regen 5 .

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    Don't forget: defender 6 also takes 11 fire damage from the sphere.

    Tactics: At this point I suggest we back WAY off and let the kobolds die first before doing anything else. We need to start 2nd wind-ing and get ourselves back to as healed as possible because that dragon is going to cut through the rest of the kobolds in another couple rounds and although it will only have a hundred+ HP left (instead of 600), we still can't hit it.

    Also: hooray not stunned! I only need 1 minor action each round to be effective!

    Mervin continues to manipulate the ball of fire against the dragon without result.

    minor: sustain sphere

    standard: might as well attack with sphere for a DUH, miss

    Dragon and defender 6 take 11 fire damage on the start of their next turn

    ministats: same

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    Gensai, paralyzed by the dragon's words, he tried a different tactic. "Forgive us, Great Dragon. I acted only to defend my master, this noble dragonborn. Tell us what to do."

    ooc for players only

    No peeking HMG
    ooc for players only

    So, at best, perhaps it will not attack us on it's turn. As a secondary, perhaps I have convinced it to still focus fire on me, which is not really good, per se, but best to attack the defender, right? right?

    I hope I don't die! :P

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    OOC: Tenchuu: I was evidently incorrect. I looked up the definition of Stunned, and I too got it confused, somewhat, with Dazed. Evidently, stunned creatures can take absolutely no actions (free or otherwise), but your desire to parlay with the dragon entertains me. As a compromise, I'll permit speech so long at it's limited to simple statements.

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    I assume what I posted already was simple enough. If not:

    Alternative post

    Gensai, paralyzed by the dragon's words, he tried a different tactic. "Forgive us...Great... Dragon."

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    The dragon finally senses the source of the swordmage's magic, and chooses a different approach.


    The roar startles one of the kobolds who loses his footing and stumbles down the chimney into Mervin's flaming sphere, where he, along with another of his allies, dies in a colorful conflagration of flame.

    Smiling with satisfaction, the dragon grabs yet another of her assailants and launches high into the air dropping him to the forest floor below. Miraculously, neither the fall, nor the flaming sphere manage to extinguish the kobold, who quickly jumps to his feet, pursuing the dragon's flight, sword swinging.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenchuu View Post
    "Forgive us, Great Dragon. I acted only to defend my master, this noble dragonborn. Tell us what to do."
    At Gensai's sudden change of heart, the dragon adopts a mockingly arrogant tone,

    Now that's more like it. Finally someone is making some sense. For starters, you can help rid me of these annoying worms.

    She is careful to pronounce the 'o' when she says "worms."

    The remaing kobolds shake off the fear inspired by the dragons display of might, and continue to harry her with suicidal dedication. There is no way they can win, but yet they continue.

    She begins to taunt her attackers,

    That's right. Keep coming back for more. I am
    Iguyo Di Wer Grovisv. Know my name before you die!

    The channeler rushes forward, his magic obviously insufficient in this battle.

    "We know you well daughter of Sylvantex, and we fear neither death, nor you!" He shakes his fist "Wer Vhisar will avenge his father, and inherit your plunder!"

    The dragon guffaws,

    Don't make me laugh.

    she does a barrel roll in the air,

    That scavenger can't even take a lair by force. The poor little boy had to find an abandoned hole instead,

    She pretends to cry,

    How sad.


    Rujah is unconscious, so his aura disappears
    Rujah saves vs. death: 1d20=13

    Takes 11 damage from the flaming sphere
    Minor: Luring Glare
    Target: Defender1
    Attack: 1d20+15-2(AoS)+2(CA)=30 vs. Will
    Effect: Slide to C24 forcing a fall
    No Save vs. Fall (Stunned) for 1d10=1 damage

    Standard: Flyby Attack to Same position at 75 feet elevation
    Attack: (Grab in lieu of Bite) 1d20+9-2(AoS)+2(CA)=21 vs. Fortitude Hit
    Free: Drop the kobold forcing a fall to A24
    Target: Defender9
    No Save vs. Fall (Stunned): 7d10=39 fall damage
    Move: Return to 15 feet elevation at E16 to F17
    Breath Weapon Recharge for next turn: 1d6=3

    Neither of the dragon's attacks dealt damage directly, therefore Gensai's AoS damage is not triggered, and neither kobold can have damage reduced .

    Takes 11 damage from the flaming sphere and burns to death

    Move: Stand
    Save vs. Dazed: 1d20=4

    Move: Stand
    Save vs. Dazed: 1d20=20

    Move: Stand
    Move: to E19

    Move: Stand
    Standard: Charge to D17
    Attack: 1d20+13+1(Charge)+1(FTM)=25 vs. AC Miss

    Takes 11 damage from the flaming sphere and burns to death

    Move: Stand
    Move: to B19

    Takes OG5 Poison
    Move: Stand
    Standard: Charge to E18
    Attack: 1d20+9+1(Charge)+1(FTM)=23 vs. Reflex Miss
    Save vs. OG5 Poison: 1d20=2
    Electrify Recharge: 1d6=5

    Defender1 None Shall Pass Recharge: 1d6=3
    Defender3 None Shall Pass Recharge: 1d6=5
    Defender4 None Shall Pass Recharge: 1d6=2

    Mervin: -H30 28/31 HP 1AP 6/7HS 0SW
    Fenwick: -B25 33/49 HP 1AP 11/11HS 1SW
    Riardon: -B20 43/49 HP 1AP 6/8HS 0SW
    Gensai: F20 24/56 HP +3 THP Bloodied 1AP 11/11HS 0SW Regen 5
    Rujah: -A22 0/55 HP Unconscious 1AP 11/12 HS 1SW

    Defender1: A22 -7/70 Dead
    B22 3/70 Bloodied NSP Charged, Dazed
    Defender3: A23 39/70 NSP Charged
    Defender4: E19 47/70
    Defender5: D17 24/70 Bloodied NSP Charged
    Defender6:B24 -7/70 Dead
    Defender7: C22 0/70 Dead
    Defender8: C20 /70 Dead

    Defender9: B195/70 Bloodied NSP Charged
    Channeler: E18 27/61 Bloodied OG5 Poison

    Adult Green Dragon: E16-F17 223/630 Bloodied 0AP Marked by Gensai, Imob, -2def (SE)

    Last edited by H.M.Gimlord; Friday, 24th September, 2010 at 03:38 AM.

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    Riardon carefully takes a step to Rujah and revives the fallen warden. He shows neither aggressiveness toward the kobolds, nor the dragon.


    move: shift to -A 21
    standard: Heal check (1d20+8=16) to trigger Rujah's Second Wind.


    Everyone in 20 sq around Riardon gets a +2 to initiative.
    When you spend an AP, you get a +1 on attacks.

    Mini stat block

    Riardon d'Caelis
    Perception: 18 Insight: 13 Low-light Vision
    AC 20 Fortitude 18 Reflex 17 Will 16
    Initiative: +4
    Hit Points: 43 / 49 Bloodied: 24
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw: +5 vs Charm
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 0
    Healing Surge:12 Surges per day: 6 / 8
    At-Will Powers: Directing Strike, Opening Shove
    Encounter Powers: Inspiring Word 1/2, Arcane Mutterings, Chilling Cloud, Warlords Favor, Steel Monsoon, Feystep
    Daily Powers: Calculated Assault, Stand the Fallen, Sunblade Burst, Double SW


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    ooc for players only

    No Peaking HMG
    ooc for players only

    OMFG. While I was originally cow towing to stall during our stunned time, If it can do 7d10 every turn...... I'm thinking we need to switch sides here.

    I think it's a logically in character decision after seeing it fling a kobold into the air, and now that it is flying around. Also, I don't feel bad about it, since my original plan was to help the dragon until Rujah was killed by it.

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    ooc for players only
    Yeah, I have to admit, I'm not sure what we're even supposed to be doing here. None of the dialog is cluing me in and for the most part I feel like a spectator just watching a battle without really being able to participate, which honestly isn't really that interesting. Although ironically I think I've done at least as much damage as anyone else in the group (mostly to kobolds) even being only level 3.

    The 9 kobolds by themselves would have been a pretty outrageous encounter, especially for PCs levels 3-5. The dragon by itself is a ridiculous encounter: level 12 vs. levels 3-5? N+9? That's impossible.

    That said, my character has no reason to trust the dragon and frankly I think it's the worse of the two evils. Plus, it -is- down to 1/3 of its HP and it has used all its action points and major powers. If we were ever going to kill the thing, now would be the time. I just don't know what we'd have to do to kill it. My ~10 points per round is great... for 20 more rounds. Don't think we're going to last that long. And given that we need extra-high rolls to hit, not sure if we can count much on that. (And now it's airborne, which can't help.)

    The good thing is that if we did attack the dragon, we would never have to worry about mopping up the kobolds - they'll all be dead in about 3-4 rounds (maybe 2-3, depending on breath attack recharges). If we attack the kobolds, we're definitely going to have to deal with the dragon.

    Personally I'm inclined to keep attacking the dragon, just because that's what my character would do and this whole situation is kind of absurd anyway. However, I will admit that the idea that this battle will be over sooner if we attack kobolds is sort of appealing...

    Since my damage is minimal anyway I'm going to keep going for the dragon, since that's what my character would do. But if everyone else switches sides I won't stand in the way.

    Mervin continues to move the ball of flame into the midst of the enemies.

    minor: sustain sphere

    move, standard: double move the sphere to 15' in the air at E18. Technically this should be right next to the dragon but no one else; it that's not, it can be wherever it needs to be in order to accomplish this and also be somewhat in the way for the dragon to fly toward the party. At the start of its turn the dragon will take 12 fire damage.

    Mervin ministats
    Mervin Male Human Wizard 3
    Initiative: +7, Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 17, Senses: Normal
    AC:19, Fort:13, Reflex:17, Will:15
    HP:28/31, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:6/7
    Action Points/Daily Item Uses/Milestones: 0/1/0
    Phantom Bolt
    Winged Horde
    (Wizard cantrips)

    Orbmaster's Incendiary Detonation
    Color Spray
    Staff of Defense
    Second Wind
    Orb of Nimble Thoughts

    Flaming Sphere

    Important Stuff:


    Full sheet: PC:Mervin (evilbob) - L4W Wiki

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    I went back and tried to count it up - it's so confusing I completely lost track at some point - but I think I've done close to, or possibly over, 200 damage this encounter. Which is hilarious because given how close the enemies have been bunched up, I could have done even more! Hooray for auto-attacks!

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