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    [Adventure] Rage of the Savage Lands (DM: Dekana, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking)

    Rage of the Savage Lands


    PBP rules, stolen from Someone
    We'll be using the Malenkirk conventions for combat, which in short means that all the enemies will be acting in the same initiative count. Player initiative is only important for knowing who goes before the monsters; otherwise, whoever posts first goes first in a given round, with the caveat that you can only benefit from a condition inflicted by a another party member once, no matter how the acting order is shuffled.

    Additionally I encourage you to speed up combat by making the neccesary rolls that may result from your actions, even if someone else or the DM is supposed to make them. For example, you may move an enemy over the edge of a cliff - this normally requires the DM to save for it to determine if the monster falls down or just prone, but in this case you should make the save yourself.


    You arrive at the Daunton docks shortly before sunrise. There isn't too much activity this early in the morning; most of the piers are empty of people, save for one. A very large merchant vessel is crawling with sailors making ready for departure. It is marked as the Bloated Whale, and true to its name, it is a behemoth of a ship, towering over the schooners on either side.

    Toeto, the lizardfolk shaman who recruited you for the job, sits next to the gangplank on the pier's side, letting her tail dangle to the water. She yawns tiredly as she waits for everyone to arrive.
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