Adventure:A Jaz of all Trades (DM:Luinnar Judge: H.M.Gimlord).
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    Adventure:A Jaz of all Trades (DM:Luinnar Judge: H.M.Gimlord).

    A Jaz of all Trades


    • Sir ExSixTen, the Warforged Fighter (Iron Sky)
    • Andras, the Genasi Warlord (TwoHeadsBarking)
    • Jax, the Kobold Rogue (Dekana)
    • Dorn, the Half-Orc Sorcerer (nerdytenor)
    • Brenn, the Elf Ranger, (pathfinderq1)
    • Quagmire, the Hobgoblin Warlord (covaithe)

    Using the standard PBP rules.
    GM: Jaz is Currently in the tavern thread, he will move here once Jaz gets a private room. The current situation was too good to pass up

    You still have plenty of time to level up and buy equipment

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    Block Dekana

    OOC: Jax only has one trade, and that is killing. /flex

    (Was the thread title supposed to say Jaz?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekana View Post
    OOC: Jax only has one trade, and that is killing. /flex

    (Was the thread title supposed to say Jaz?)
    GM: Yep, my mistake

    Edit: I think I am going to call him Uncle Jaz from now on to avoid confusion.

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    OOC: Just posting my updated stat block. Wild Soul for first day of new adventure is psychic

    Dorn Stat Block

    Dorn, Half-Orc Sorcerer/Demon-Soul Adept 13

    Immediate Reactions:
    If hit would bloody Dorn or do 25+ damage, use Narrow Escape to take 1/2 damage and teleport away

    Current Effects:
    resist 10 psychic, ignore 10 pshycic resistance

    Passive Perception 15, Passive Insight 15
    AC 26, Fort 24, Reflex 24, Will 27 (base defenses)
    HP 93/93 Bloodied 46 Surge Value 23, Surges 7/7
    Speed 7, Initiative +14
    Action Points: 1

    Daily Wild Soul: psychic
    Dorn starts each combat with 5 tmp hp (from Fey Blessed Circlet)
    Dorn uses the raw d20 (no mods) for all even/odd effects
    Dorn scores a crit on 19 or 20
    Enemies need 1 extra square of movement to move adjacent to dorn
    Dorn has CA on surprise round and against enemies with lower init 1st round
    Dorn gets CA against enemies that are being flanked by his allies
    When an enemy crits Dorn, Dorn can crit that enemy on a roll of 17-20 TENT

    Encounter Resources
    Primordial Storm
    Demon-Soul Bolts
    Bedeviling Burst
    Spark Form
    Furious Assault (no action)
    Lightning Shift (move)
    Variable Resistance (minor)
    Narrow Escape
    Periapt of Cascading Health (minor)
    Half-Orc Resilience (no action)
    Second Wind
    Use Action Point

    Daily Resources
    Chromatic Orb
    Moon and the Stars
    Winds of Change
    Demonic Wrath (minor)
    Gambit Armor (minor)
    Luckblade Dagger
    Deep Shroud (minor)
    Diamond Cincture (minor)
    Antipathy Gloves (std)
    Soul of the Bat (minor)

    2x potion of healing
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    Uncle Jaz drags Jax through the door and plops him down on a nearby seat. It's awful! he announces, sitting down not waiting for Jax to speak. The family is in trouble! There's this Tiefling, his name is Hastings Wellington he is the, shall we say, local crime lord in Bacarte. You were probably too busy robbing houses to know about him...

    Anyway, a while ago his goons came to us demanding "protection" money. At first it was not so much so we paid, but soon the payments became larger and larger. And with this and that and business in a slump we found that we could not pay him at all!

    So we thought "Okay, perhaps he is just a bully and nothing will happen". But then our shipment of metals mysteriously vanished and the week after that our supply shed caught on fire. Now he threatens to burn our whole business down with us inside!

    And worse! He says he'll tell everyone that we have a good for nothing boy who is a thief! Imagine if that gets out what it will do to the business! Why could you have not becomes a salesman like me or something! Even twelfth cousin Nyza is more useful with lighting the furnaces, and mostly he just tries to set things on fire!

    So this is all really your fault! Uncle Jaz says dramatically. That is why you'll give us the 100,000 gold we need.

    Streetwise=20 (rolled or passive)

    You recall that the name Wellington is the same as a local Daunton human, Lord Tarquin Wellington. He is highly respected, but there are whispers of him having dark dealings. His last public appearance was at the arena that just finished a couple months back.

    Streetwise=25(same roll)

    You remember that Hastings Wellington claims to be his son. Word on the street is that he left Daunton a couple years ago and set up shop in Bacarte. He is rumored to have set up various smuggling, gambling and other illegal enterprises in the area.

    Who his mother is nobody can say, but it is rumored that she is or was the third wife of Lord Tarquin Wellington and some kind of demoness. Tarquin's polygamous relationships have long been gossip, but not enough evidence to prosecute him has ever been had (Polygamy is a crime in Daunton). There is many men and women of various half-human races claiming to be his children, that is for certain.

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    Sir Exsixten stares at Jaz blankly for a moment, then glances at Jax.


    Sir Exsixten's Statblock
    Sir Exsixten, Male Warforged Fighter/Dreadnaught 11
    Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 19
    AC: 28, Fort:27, Reflex:22, Will:22 -- Speed:5
    HP:116/116, Bloodied:58, Surge Value:33, Surges left:14/14
    Initiative +6, Action Points: 1

    : Crushing Surge, Brash Strike, Combat Challenge, Unfailing Resources, Hack and Hew, Sweeping Blow, Come and Get It, Guardian's Charge, Daring Shot, Warforged Resolve, Reactive Surge, Second Wind, Comeback Strike, Victorious Surge, Rain of Steel, Boundless Endurance
    Items: Potion of Healing, Potion of Resistance x 1, Madstone x 3, Strikebacks, Amulet of Life, Dwarven Thrower, Dwarven Armor, Diamond Cincture, Werewolf Boon
    MBA/RBA: +17(+20 OA) vs. AC, 1d12+10 damage and enemy movement is stopped and Sir Exsixten gains 5 temporary hitpoints.
    Notes: *Enemies hit take cumulative -1 to AC(save ends) *Gain 5 THP when enemy fail's save *Gain 10 THP on healing surge. *Reroll the first 1 on damage rolls *+2 damage with THP *Gain DR10 TsnT on AP *Gain 5+Healing Surges spent THP on short rest *Adjacent enemy grants CA if ally also adjacent to enemy
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