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    OOC: Combat Commander feat, increases your Combat Leader bonus from +2 to +int or cha.


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    Quagmire, too, fails to react in time.

    OOC: roll
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    Brenn, watching the entryway (just in case), turned to see what new menace the others had awakened...

    OOC: Initiative 1d20+18= 24; roll Roll Lookup

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    Thieves! Murderers! Filth! Kill them all! the ghostly women shrieks, voice holding no hint of sanity. She glides over and screams at Jax, Quagmire and Uncle Jaz, knocking the senses out of Jax while the other two plug their ears in just time.

    The ghostly warriors stab at the party with their spears, but only one connects with Sir ExSixTen.

    Three more ghosts glide through the floor. One appears next to Brenn who takes its large claws and nearly slices the elf in two. Another shoots a dark inky blast of necrotic energy at Dorn binding him in place, while the last shoots a dark bolt at Quagmire crippling him with its power.


    Samantha: Move: N19
    Standard: Despairing screech close blast 5 east
    Jax:25 vs fort hit for 34 thunder damage and Jax is dazed (save ends)
    Quagmire:20 vs fort miss
    Uncle Jaz:21 vs fort miss

    Ghost Warrior 1:
    Spirit spear vs Sir ExSixTen: 28 vs ref hit for 27 damage

    Ghost Warrior 2:
    Move:Stand up
    Spirit spear vs Jax:miss
    Ghost Warrior takes 21=18=39 cold damage from Jax's retaliate attack.

    Ghost Warrior 3:
    Standard: Charge Quagmire with Spirit spear
    crit miss

    Ghostly Terror 1:
    Move:Through the floor to P9 Ghostly terror gets +2 to defenses, +2 to attack and +3d6 to damage EONT
    Standard:Inky blast close burst blast 5 north
    Dorn:28 vs fort hit for 46 necrotic damage, Dorn takes 10 ongoing necrotic damage and is immobilized (save ends both)
    Andras: missed

    Ghostly Terror 2:
    Move:Through the floor to O6 Ghostly terror gets +2 to defenses, +2 to attack and +3d6 to damage EONT
    Standard:Spirit touch vs Brenn crit 8+8+8+8+6+6+6+6=56 necrotic damage.
    Piercing Malice: miss

    Ghostly Terror 3:
    Move:Through the floor to Q21 Ghostly terror gets +2 to defenses, +2 to attack and +3d6 to damage EONT
    Standard:Piercing Malice vs vs Quagmire 37 vs will 37 damage Quagmire is slowed (save ends).


    273; Bloodied 137
    29; Fortitude 28; Reflex 28; Will 29
    disease, poison;
    Saving Throws
    +2; Action Points 1
    +16 vs. Reflex
    4d10 + 9 necrotic damage.

    Ghost Warrior:
    185; Bloodied 93
    25; Fortitude 27; Reflex 24; Will 23
    disease, poison;
    Attack: Reach 2; +13 vs. Reflex
    4d10 + 11 damage.
    Ghost Warrior 1: 185/185, marked EONT
    Ghost Warrior 2: 133/185, 5 vulnerability to cold TENT Jax.
    Ghost Warrior 3: 185/185

    Ghostly Terror:
    140; Bloodied 70
    27+2; Fortitude 23+2; Reflex 25+2; Will 26+2
    disease, poison;

    +16 vs. Reflex;
    5d8 + 6 necrotic damage.
    Ghostly Terror 1:140/140
    Ghostly Terror 2:140/140
    Ghostly Terror 3:140/140

    Sir ExSixTen:96/116
    Dorn: 52/93, 10 ongoing necrotic damage and is immobilized (save ends both)
    Jax:54/88, dagger deals 1d6 damage, dazed (save ends)
    Quagmire: 45/82, slowed (save ends).
    Brenn: 76/76
    Uncle Jaz: 91/91

    Uncle Jaz

    Uncle Jaz (Male Kobold Thief) Level 13 Elite Skirmisher Small
    HP 91; Bloodied 46
    27; Fortitude 25; Reflex 29; Will 24
    Saving Throws
    +2; Action Points 1
    +17 Perception +19

    Sneak Attack

    Enemies granting combat advantage to Jaz take an extra 3d6 damage once per round.

    Masterful Action

    When spending an AP with an attack power and with combat advantage against the target, Jaz can use his sneak attack against the target regardless of if he used it this turn.

    Standard Actions:
    (Note: Jaz does not have to reload his crossbow).
    RBA: Custom Made Hand Crossbow At-Will
    Ranged 5; +18 vs. AC
    1d8 + 8.

    Standard Actions:
    MBA: Dagger
    Melee 1; +18 vs. AC

    Move Actions:
    Technical Trick At-Will

    Jaz moves up to his speed and does not draw OA. Every enemy within 5 squares grants combat advantage to him.

    Trapmaker's Trick At-Will

    No movement. Every enemy within 5 squares grants combat advantage to Jaz. The next basic attack Jaz makes this round also causes the enemy to take a -2 to defenses until the end of Jaz's next turn.

    Coward's Trick At-Will

    No movement. Every enemy within 5 squares grants combat advantage to Jaz. The next basic attack Jaz makes this round also causes the enemy to take a -2 to hit until the end of Jaz's next turn.

    Minor Actions

    R Sneak in the Attack Encounter
    Ranged 5 Until the start of Jaz's next turn the first ally's attack with CA that hits the target deals an extra 3d6 damage to the targeted enemy.

    Shifty At-Will

    Jaz shifts 1 square.

    Free Actions:

    Backstab Encounter

    Jaz gains an extra +3 power bonus to hit and the enemy takes an extra 2d6 damage if it hits.

    Triggered Actions:

    It's a Trap! Encounter

    An enemy hits Jaz with a melee attack.
    Effect (Immediate Reaction):
    Jaz shifts 5 squares and makes an RBA against the target.

    Acrobatics +20, Athletics +12, Dungeoneering +12, Insight +12, Stealth +20, Streetwise +12, Thievery +20

    unaligned Languages: Common, Draconic


    Treasure is difficult terrain.

    The side areas with the jars and statues cannot be moved into.

    As a move action you can pick up 100 gold pieces when adjacent to the treasure pile.

    The jars can be picked up as a move action and either used as a +3 melee or +3 ranged weapon, dealing 3d6 + str or dex damage, breaking them and scattering gold all over.

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    Even as the ghostly creature rose from the floor, Brenn stepped back out of reach.

    OOC: Weave through the fray: Immediate interrupt (an opponent moves adjacent to Brenn)- shift 4 squares to M3

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    "Stand tall lads! This is nothing compared to what we've faced before!" Andras bellows. The genasi is practically a beacon of inspiration, radiating both focus and confidence.

    Minor: Legacy Undying. Andras and each ally within 5 gain thp equal to half my remaining surges, aka 18.
    Move->Minor: Inspiring Word on Dorn, who heals surge + 9
    Standard: Lady Luck Smiles vs Ghost Warrior 2. Hits AC 26 for 20 damage. Until the end of my next turn, allies within 5 squares can roll twice when making melee or ranged attack rolls, naturally choosing the higher result.

    @pathfinderq1 would you be able to Weave Through the Fray towards Andras rather than away? You'd gain 18 thp.

    If an enemy misses Andras with a melee attack, I'll use Disciplined Counter. +17 vs AC, on a hit 2d10+10 damage and slide them two squares out of melee with me and towards Exsixten, and the enemy grants CA until the end of my next turn.

    Andras's mini-stats
    Andras genasi Warlord/Captain of Fortune 12
    Initiative: +18 | Passive perception: 26 | Passive Insight: 26
    AC: 27 | For: 29 | Ref: 26 | Will: 25
    HP: 81/81+18 | Bloodied: 40 | Surge value: 20 | Surges: 9/9
    Resist: 10 Fire
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Primordial
    AP: 1 | Second Wind: not used
    Melee Basic Attack: +17 vs AC, 1d10+7 damage
    Ranged Basic Attack: +18 vs AC, 1d10+10 damage
    Powers: Paint the Bulls-Eye, Direct the Strike
    Insightful Warning, Staggering Shot, On My Mark, Lady Luck Smiles, Disciplined Counter
    Relentless Wounding, Create Opportunity, Coordinated Assault
    Firedeath, Inspiring Word (1/2), Shake It Off, Reorient the Axis, Unintended Feint, Favored Fortune
    Rebounding Longbow, Boots of the Fencing Master, Feytouched Armor, Boar Tusk Helm, Legacy Undying

    Skirmishing Presence:
    When an ally who can see Andras spends an Action Point to make an attack, that ally can shift five squares before or after the attack.

    Allies w/in 5 roll twice on melee and ranged attack rolls

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    OOC: If anyone can slide any of the enemies within 3 of O18, I'll be able to mark them and/or pull them to me. I'll wait until a couple others have gone so I can get as many as possible with Come and Get It.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pathfinderq1 View Post
    Even as the ghostly creature rose from the floor, Brenn stepped back out of reach.

    OOC: Weave through the fray: Immediate interrupt (an opponent moves adjacent to Brenn)- shift 4 squares to M3
    GM: It will use piercing malice instead which is a ranged attack, miss
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    OOC: I was going to use Narrow Escape but Andras did such I good job healing Dorn up that I'll save it for next turn. Dorn heals to 84/93 with 18TMP hp. He will likely use Narrow escape next time he is hit, however. Hopefully Dorn will have a good chance to go Nova next turn, granting allies +3 to hit for one turn.

    Dorn feels the life slowly drain from him as he is rooted in place (Dorn takes 10 necrotic damage start of turn). He steels himself, his skin darkening (Variable Resistance: resist 10 necrotic until end of encounter) as he prepares to strike back. His mind screams bloody murder at the ghosts nearby, and one is sent flying (Bedevilling burst hits Terror 1, misses terror 2. Terror 1 takes 19 psychic damage, 1 furious assault damage, and slides to O15. Dorn makes his save. ).

    Dorn Stat Block

    Dorn, Half-Orc Sorcerer/Demon-Soul Adept 13

    Immediate Reactions:
    If hit, use Narrow Escape to take 1/2 damage and teleport away

    Current Effects:
    +1 AC from even roll.
    resist 10 necrotic, ignore 10 necrotic resistance
    Enemies need 1 extra square of movement to move adjacent to Dorn

    Passive Perception 15, Passive Insight 15
    AC 26, Fort 24, Reflex 24, Will 27 (base defenses)
    HP +18TMP 74/93 Bloodied 46 Surge Value 23, Surges 6/7
    Speed 7, Initiative +14
    Action Points: 1

    Daily Wild Soul: psychic
    Dorn starts each combat with 5 tmp hp (from Fey Blessed Circlet)
    Dorn has CA on surprise round and against enemies with lower init 1st round
    Dorn uses the raw d20 (no mods) for all even/odd effects
    Dorn scores a crit on 19 or 20
    Dorn gets CA against enemies that are being flanked by his allies
    When an enemy crits Dorn, Dorn can crit that enemy on a roll of 17-20 TENT
    When using a close arcane attack power, Dorn can choose a square within 2 as the origin

    Encounter Resources
    Primordial Storm
    Demon-Soul Bolts
    USED Bedeviling Burst
    Spark Form
    USED Furious Assault (no action)
    Lightning Shift (move)
    USED Variable Resistance (minor)
    Narrow Escape
    Periapt of Cascading Health (minor)
    Half-Orc Resilience (no action)
    Second Wind
    Use Action Point

    Daily Resources
    Chromatic Orb
    Moon and the Stars
    Winds of Change
    Demonic Wrath (minor)
    Gambit Armor (minor)
    Luckblade Dagger
    Deep Shroud (minor)
    Diamond Cincture (minor)
    Antipathy Gloves (std)
    Soul of the Bat (minor)

    2x potion of healing
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    An unnatural gust of wind suddenly blows past Jax. In the blink of an eye, the kobold vanishes from sight.

    Uncle Jaz seems slightly alarmed by this. "Jax? Where'd... you're not running away, are you? Without me?!" He aims his crossbow and fires a pair of bolts at the female ghost, but both shots go wide.

    OOC: Jax was dazed, so he doesn't get to make that immediate interrupt attack. Ah, dazed, the bane of Jax's existence (actually that's blind, but dazed is bad too).

    If you attack Samantha and have CA, you do +3d6 damage until the end of Uncle Jaz's next turn.

    Kobold actions / stats
    Standard: Activate Feytouched armor. Jax is invisible TENT Jax.

    End of turn: Saving throw vs dazed succeeds with a 19. (1d20=19) That's kind of wasting a crit, but it's against dazed, so I'll take it.
    Ghost Warrior 2's vulnerability to cold ends.

    Uncle Jax
    Move: Trapmaker's Trick. Enemies within 5 squares gain CA to Uncle Jaz.

    Free: Backstab. +3 attack and +2d6 damage on next attack.

    Standard: RBA vs Samantha misses AC 27. (1d20+18+2+3=27)

    AP-Standard: RBA vs Samantha misses AC 23. (1d20+18+2=23)

    Minor: Sneak in the Attack. Until the start of Jaz's next turn the first ally's attack with CA that hits the target deals an extra 3d6 damage to Samantha.

    Ah man, I totally forgot about Andras's reroll bonus. I should have attacked ghost warrior 2! I was trying to nova down Samantha, but still.

    PC:Jax (Dekana) - L4W Wiki- Male Kobold, 13 Rogue / Daggermaster
    Passive Perception: 23, Passive Insight: 22
    AC:26, Fort:22, Reflex:26, Will:19, Resist 5 cold, 5 necrotic, Speed:7
    HP:54/89, Bloodied:44, Surge Value:22, Surges left:9/9
    Initiative +14
    Action Points: 1 (encounter)

    dagger uses 1d6 damage die TEOE
    invisible TENT Jax

    MBA: +19 vs Reflex, 1d4+14; or with CA, +22 vs Reflex, 1d4+16 + 3d8+4 (1/turn)
    RBA: +20 vs Reflex, 1d4+11; or with CA, +23 vs Reflex, 1d4+13 + 3d8+4 (1/turn)
    Frost Dagger, Piercing Strike, Riposte Strike, Shifty
    Combat Tumbleset, Critical Opportunity, Feytouched, Imperiling Strike, Low Slash, Perfect Feint, Royal Scamper, Running Slash, Second Wind, Sneak in the Attack, Stunning Strike
    Battlemaster's Dagger, Bloodbath, Frost Dagger, Knockout, Meditation of the Blade, Press the Advantage, Raven Cloak, Royal Blood

    Combat notes: +2 damage with CA; +2 damage with cold; 18-20 crit range (except basic attacks); on crit, make MBA with offhand (not cold damage)
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