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    Champions Presents: Legion Extreme! [Hero 5thEd]-11/04 post extended 11/12!

    Legion Extreme Issue #1 : Return of the Destroyer, part I

    "Our top story tonight on ANT 25* news at 10...A team of superheroes went public earlier today after clashing with what can only be described as "wardroids" at Unitron, Incorporated's New England facility just outside Burlington. Fortunately, damage was localized to one warehouse within the compound. Has Boston has finally joined the elite group of cities that has their own team of superheroes?"

    "I think so, Maria! They call themselves Legion Extreme and one of their team members also happens to be Slipstream, the spokesperson for Quicksilver surfing gear."

    The anchorman holds and poses a Slipstream action figure in between himself and his co-anchor.

    She laughs and continues, "Wow, Dave. What's a surfer doing in Boston?"

    Dave shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know, but now we'll go to Reid Lamberty who was on the scene this afternoon for more on this breaking story..."

    The scene begins by showing a pile of wrecked robots in front of a concrete, tin-roofed building billowing smoke from the far side. The caption reads "Earlier this Afternoon" as a well-muscled, but not overly so, man dressed in what looks like a form-fitting, silver-gray speed-skater's outfit complete with mirror-goggles talks animatedly to reporters. Glossy white, wave patterns extending from under his arms and down his legs can be seen on his costume. Behind him stand a tall man in grey friar's robes whose face cannot be seen underneath his hood, and an Asian man, lithe, but also rippling with muscles, wearing red, silk pantaloons with a black sash. Chinese dragon tattoos are painted across his chest and upper arms. Further in the distance, police officers and federal agents examine the scene and talk to other people, presumably the Unitron employees.

    In the background a male voice adds, "This afternoon, Legion Extreme went public as officials from the FBI reported their successful intervention preventing destructive robots from stealing what has been called 'top secret' computer technology from Unitron, Inc by the company's regional manager in charge of the facility."

    The picture shifts to that of a middle-aged man talking to federal agents with the caption, "Victor Dumont, Regional Manager" underneath.

    "As far as we can ascertain at this point, the team of supers consists of four members: Slipstream, who already is a public figure as Quicksilver's spokesman,"

    The cameras zoom in on the silver-costumed hero and then switch to a blue-screen where a still shot of Slipstream moves from the center to the upper left quadrant.

    "Dragon Fist,"

    ...A close-in view of the martial artist and then the still shot going to the upper right quadrant.

    "Grey Mage,"

    This time the man in grey robes is highlighted, his large, silver Celtic cross hanging from his neck. He wears a grey mask beneath the hood. His picture goes to the lower left quadrant.

    "and, a creature the other members call The Warwolf, that apparently left the battle site soon after federal agents and Burlington PD arrived."

    An artist's rendition of a hugely-muscled, gray-furred, man-wolf appears wearing purple Speedos. Canine teeth and clawed hands are prominent with legs jointed as a dog or wolf. The picture goes to the last quarter of the screen.

    "This incident culminates a series of strange events that have taken place in the last few days including what the FBI claims was a ‘demonstration of superpowers’ between Stalwart and Slipstream yesterday in front of Faneuil Hall, a report of werewolves in the Downtown area, and a mysterious accident involving an armored truck on I-93 within the Middlesex Fells Reservation...."


    Three days earlier...

    Detective Tony An-Lung Fisher walked into the Emperor's Garden early Sunday morning and found his friend, private detective Jae Son Lee at his usual table. He respected Mr. Lee tremendously. In a way the private eye was an icon here in Chinatown. Mr. Lee had been around as long as Tony could remember. And like many of the residents of Chinatown, Tony overlooked the fact that Mr. Lee had not aged a day since he was a kid. The private investigator working closely with the precinct had helped to solve many cases here in downtown Boston. Detective Fisher felt it was his duty to report anything strange to him. He waited as a server informed Mr. Lee that he was there. Other than a tanned, blonde-haired man wolfing down egg rolls at a nearby table, the Emperor's Garden was empty. Mr. Lee looked up and smiled waving the detective over and offering him a seat. Tony sat down.

    "Nothing ever happens in Boston, right?"

    Jae Son looked up from his cup of tea as Detective Fisher slid over a folder.

    "Well, this just happened. We received the wire from Medford Police and I came over here as soon as I saw it."

    Jae Son scanned the transcript from the dispatch and raised an eyebrow. He spoke with a Hong Kong bred accent.

    "Federal agents?"

    "Not yet. I talked to someone. They'll hold off, but you don't have much time. A couple of hours tops."

    "Whom do we know?"

    "Well, they called Boston PD for forensics experts. Gionetti's up there."

    "Very good. I will collect Anaka and we will see what we can do."

    Fisher smiled happy to please his elder. They both rose to leave and servers bowed as the 6'6" Jae Son walked past.

    "Later, Yao. Later, piggy," said the blonde man with an out-of-place California surfer's accent. He was on his third heaping plate of egg rolls.

    Before Tony could react, Jae Son put his arm on the young detective's shoulder.

    "Worry not, An-Lung. The white man believes that I am Yao Ming, center for the Houston Rockets."

    Both men began to laugh. The blonde man just smiled dumbly, the half-chewed remains of his latest egg roll on his teeth.


    As soon as they had left, Brian Parker dropped a hundred dollar bill and followed. He ducked into a alley and spoke, "By the power of Grayskull!"

    A smirk and a flash of light later and Slipstream bolted from the alley just in time to follow Jae Son Lee and his "cousin" Anaka Lee as they drove towards Medford. Slipstream resisted the urge to bolt on ahead and initially, because of the construction for the Central Artery Tunnel Project, he had to zip back and forth, hiding behind signs to wait until the car even moved.

    Just north of Medford, police officers diverted traffic as the rubber-neckers on I-93 North slowed to see the burned out wreckage of a Brinkmann armored vehicle. Jae Son nodded to an officer at the police line and pointed to Detective Leo Gionetti. Gionetti waved him and Anaka forward and they began to circle the vehicle. Jae Son took in the situation quickly. The two drivers had been killed with energy blasts from outside. The windows were smashed. The van had skidded off the highway and lay in a ditch. Anaka heard a commotion and tapped Jae Son on the shoulder as he was shaking his head while the forensic team zipped up the body bags.

    "Yao...yo, Yao!"

    Expecting to see the egg-roll eater from the Emperor's Garden, Jae Son was surprised to see the costumed spokesperson for Quicksilver surfing. He tucked away his quick deduction.

    "Ah man, I thawt you wuz just a caatoon," said an officer.

    "Naw, dude. I'm real. Yao!"

    Slipstream waved to "Yao", then posed for the on-lookers with his balled fists on hips.

    "Maw, check it out. It's Slipstream!" said a skater boy passing in the near, standstill traffic.

    The speedster acknowledged the recognition good-naturedly, "Hey, little dude, thanks for the vibe, but please keep your hands in the car!"

    They exchanged 'hang ten' signs.

    "Please, Mr. Slipsteam, help me search the vehicle," called Jae Son Lee.

    Jae Son and his silent companion had walked over towards Slipstream and motioned for him to follow.

    "Yo, Slipstream, can ah get an autagraph for mah son?" asked the same officer.

    Always the good spokesperson, Slipstream zipped out his signature on the piece of paper that was offered and then shaking the officer's hand stepped under the yellow tape to join the two Asian men at the back of vehicle.

    "It appears that the doors were torn from their hinges," offered Anaka squatting by the crumpled metal sheet that had once been the back of the armored van. Slipstream nodded in agreement.

    Jae Son had already sifted through the boxes and took pictures to scan later. The compartment was slightly cold as if the van had been refrigerated. Then as he was walking out he noticed a glint of metal that seemed to contrast with the steely grey of the vehicle.

    "Mr. Slipstream, you are a superhero, correct? Perhaps you can look at the plasma blasts on the bodies of the fallen drivers and determine what super-villain could have caused this."

    As the speedster left to examine the bodies, Jae Son removed a pair of tweezers from his forensics kit and lifted some metal flakes from where the rear door had been attached. After placing them in a Ziploc, he handed the samples to Detective Gionetti and then gave him his digital camera after removing the disk.

    "Leo, take this to the lab and let me know what they find. Oh, and take some pictures because the FBI will ask for the film. I will develop these," he said showing the detective the disk he had removed, "and send you the results."

    Slipstream was busy going over the MO's of super-villains that he knew about and could not come to a solid conclusion as Anaka and Jae Son joined him.

    "Man, this thinkin' gives me a headache. I can't figure it out, dudes. Just doesn't seem like what I've read about Mechanon, or Warlord, or Lazer or Holocaust...Well maybe Mechanon, but Dr. Destroyer's dead, so I don't know who it could be. Firewing? But he wouldn't steal stuff. Some sorta unknown, plasma-blast bad guy."

    Jae Son shuddered at the thought that Mechanon, the Warlord, Holocaust, or Firewing, might be operating around Boston. Just then Slipstream received a page. He looked at his beeper.

    "Aw man, gotta go guys. Grandma's callin', but call me if anything comes up."

    Slipstream handed Jae Son a card and bolted off too quick for the eye to see, though the "Whoosh!" of his departure was evident.

    Jae Son, watching the blur that was Slipstream logged away another mental note. Then he and Anaka walked towards their vehicle and drove away as the feds drove up.


    Late that evening...

    Anaka drove Jae Son to the Medical Examiners office. One of the detective's quirks was that he did not drive. Anaka felt it was a strange hold-over from Jae Son's “younger” days.

    "Wait here, cousin."

    Jae Son went into the morgue and talked to the late night clerk.

    "No disturbances or questions," said the PI as he dropped down a wad of bills.

    "Through the double doors, drawer 15 and 16E," replied Robert Robinson, five hundred dollars richer.

    The tall Asian spun around and walked into the room with a flourish. Robert shook his head, and muttered, "Weirdo...," then went back to his burger.

    The detective gave the bodies a cursory examination and winced as he saw the scoured, blasted flesh of the driver in 15E.

    He gave into his inner, cursed self.

    Robert Robinson shuddered as he heard a low growl coming from inside the freezer room. He started to get up but looked again at the stack of bills, and sat down a little shaken.

    "I hear strange noises all the time down here," he chuckled out loud to ward off the fear.

    He had lost his appetite, however, and threw the remains of his dinner in the trash.

    Inside the freezer, The Warwolf sniffed the remains, concentrating on the burn scars. He suppressed another growl as his bestial mind inhaled again more deeply. He would remember this smell if he found it again. He tasted the frozen corpse around the wounds just to make sure, then reverted back to "normal".

    Leaving the morgue, Jae Son gave the clerk an extra couple hundred just in case the Warwolf had been a little loud. Then, he and Anaka sped back to Chinatown.

    *ANT = Adair Network Fox in the real world it is known for its "reality" and "shock" television
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