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    (Record) Official Character Thread

    If you are creating a new, 1st level character for the Living ENWorld campaign, please use the required standard character sheet, located here. Because much of this sheet is in CODE blocks, it's easiest to edit with a fixed width font (like the default font in Notepad, or 'Courier New'), instead of the ENWorld post editor.

    LEW uses the 3.5 Core books (PHB, DMG, and MM) and the SRD rules. Also available for use are the approved proposals from LEW's own members, compiled in the Rules and Mechanics thread and the LEW Wiki. Feel free to propose new content in the Living ENWorld forum (original creations or open content), it will be reviewed by the community and voted on by the judges.

    When creating your character, do not roll for ability scores. Instead, please use Standard Point Buy with 30 points. Hit points are max at first level, then 3/4 max after that (for d6 and d10 hit dice, first round down then round up every other level). For example, a 1st Rogue with 10 Con has 6 HP at level 1, 10 HP at level 2, and 15 HP at level 3.

    Use the maximum standard starting gold for your class:

    Starting Gold:
    Barbarian            160
    Bard                 160
    Cleric               200
    Druid                80
    Fighter              240
    Monk                 20
    Paladin              240
    Paragon (Half-elf)   200
    Paragon (Human)      200
    Paragon (Other)      As the race's favored class
    Psion                120
    Psychic Warrior      200
    Ranger               240
    Rogue                200
    Sorcerer             120
    Soulknife            200
    Wilder               160
    Wizard               120

    Make a new post here in the Official Character Thread for each character you play. Remember that you may only have up to 3 active characters at a time.

    Once you have posted your character sheet, you need to get your character approved. To be approved, please send the character judges an email containing the character's name, level, and a link to the character's post in this thread. Make sure to put 'LEW' in the subject line so that there is less chance that any of us will delete it as spam. The current Living ENWorld Character Judges are Boddynock (boddynocklew@gmail.com), covaithe (covaithe@Googlemail.com), orsal (orsal@Mail.com), Rae ArdGaoth (Rae.ArdGaoth@gmail.com), and Trouvere (trouvere.lew@gmail.com). To keep everybody informed, make sure to 'Reply to All' when responding to approval emails.

    In order to receive any experience points, a Living ENWorld character must be approved by at least two judges. When a character gains a level, the character must be re-approved by at least two judges before the character can receive any more experience points. To be re-approved, simply edit the post here with the new level and send us an email with a link to the updated character sheet. Unapproved characters will receive NO experience for adventuring before they are fully approved.

    The List

    This is the list of all of the characters the Judges have approved. All of these characters are good to go for Living ENWorld.

    Active Characters:

    Inactive Characters

    Boddynock, covaithe, orsal, Rae ArdGaoth, and Trouvere, Living ENWorld Character Judges
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