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    The Play by Post Player's Signature Thread

    Inspired by this thread, it has been decided that the Play by Post Forums, being generators of many bits and pieces of signature data, could use a thread specifically for that purpose. Currently signatures are limited to 1000 characters, including any url data that is contained in your sig. This allows you to condense a number of urls into a single signature.

    So, this thread is the Play by Post Players signature thread. Here are some basic instructions for how to use this thread:

    1) Click the button.

    2) Type out the information as you choose. Use the URL code to add links to your post as you need. Keep all your play by post data to one single post. Then click the Submit button at the bottom of your window, and your set to go.

    3) Now when your new post pops up, the url in your scrollbar will read out with the exact post number of your post. Copy that url, and add it to your signature however you choose. Now, with less space, you can carry your character and game information with all of your posts. If you fail to catch your own url for some reason, click edit then save changes to get that url back. If you want to isolate your post, then click the post number in the upper-right and corner of your post to open the URL to view only your post.

    Edit your Original Post in this thread with additional data or changes. You are limited to a single post, and any additional posts will be deleted.

    This is to reduce the amount of Play by Post information you need to store in your sig. If you need a larger sig thread, try this thread.
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