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    The man with the probe
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    Bront's Sig

    Ugh, sig got too long.

    Living Games
    Vanitri Duskrider, Human Gypsy is in Teacher for Laynie 2
    Cade Jenner, Halfling Outrider in Immortality Awakens 2.
    Juliana Hayes, Human Warrior in Blood of the Werewold.
    Gun Monkey, Gun Toting Simian in Help Wanted: Exterminators
    Psyren, Psionic Singer in Antiques Roadshow
    Stulgar Swift, Shifter Ranger in Forgotten Forge
    DM in Niobe's Dilemma Once Upon a Rheim

    Other PbP Games
    Kirkesh, Dolthi Swashbuckler in Shards of Memory 2 3 (OOC) 2
    Kitrina ir'Danyl, Drakontos Noble in Mightier than the Sword (OOC)
    Vasha Springborne, Naiad Ecomancer in Diplomatic Immunity Preface 2 (OOC) 2 3 4
    Whinoah, Auran Archer in Viridian Plague 2 (OOC)
    Priya Daoine, Sidhe Enchantress in Destiny's Tears 2 (OOC)
    Val, Changling Investigator in Kiss of Darkness (OOC)
    Shari "Shadow" Going, Kalashtar Psion/Rogue in Man on the Run (OOC)
    Carver, Warforged Artifacer in Game of Kings (OOC)

    Finished games.
    DM: The Festival of Halina 2, Quake your Booty
    Played: Muder is the Pits, LPNN, Tournoment of Flowers
    Taran Andrigo Sewer Shamen in Metropolis - 1: The World in Waiting 3: The Heart of The City (OOC) 2 3 (Ending lost in crash)
    Carver Warforged Artifacer in Elven Wedding (OOC) (Ending Lost in Crash)

    Games on Hold
    Kolbyr Fjorin in The Hunt for Cantus (OOC)
    Mel Changling Socialite in The Secret Scion (OOC)
    Jasmine, Human Assasin in Metropolis: Weight of the World (OOC)

    Dead Games
    Valahandra Da'briel Warrior Priestess in The Machines of War (OCC)
    Shadow, Shadowminddancer of the Nameless Legion:Templar Lance (OOC)
    Zandrick d'Lyrandar Half-Elf Sailor in Dark Tides, Cold Steel (OOC)
    Valahandra Da'briel Warrior Priestess in an Unnamed Adventure (OCC)
    Tenor, Warforged Bard in Forging Fury (OOC) - Tenor Dead?
    Vander d'Deneith Noble of House Deneith in The Chaos Effect (OOC) *sniff*
    Stulgar Swift, Shifter Ranger in the Eldeen Reaches (OOC)
    Brian Johnson Jock/Navy Recruit in a B-Movie (OOC)
    Johan d'Deneith, Playboy Noble in Who wants to be a Wayfinder? (OOC)
    Dungeon Master of Hanable's Hunters (OOC - Accepting Alts)
    Damien Dulane in The Last Gods (OOC)
    Darkclaw Myllik in Trail of the Defiler (OOC)
    DM in A Deep Calling (OOC)
    Brother Ray in Elysium Squad (OOC)
    Orb Kaftan in Rivets Eternal (OOC)
    Jonathon Swoops, Dread Pirate in The Seas of Blood (OOC)
    Orb Kaftan, Human Bard in World at War (OOC)

    Games Left:
    Zan Changling Wizard in Age of Worms (OOC) (With permition from the GM)

    Characters not played yet:

    Note, not all information is up to date due to the crash.
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    Games I DM:

    ~ D&D - Greyhawk - The World's Largest Dungeon (discontinued)
    ~ D&D - Warcraft - A.S.S.U.A.G.E.
    ~ D&D - Obscura (Custom Campaign Setting) - Erdenheim's Academy

    Games I Play In (still occurring):

    ~ Hunter: The Reckoning - Present-Day - Unnamed - Katja Arkanin (Avenger)
    ~ D&D - Dragonlance - The Trouble With Dragons - Tak Battlehammer (Dwarf Paladin 5)
    ~ BESM d20 - The Source of Magic - Kyo Yggdrasil (human/cyborg Gunbunny 2)
    ~ D&D - Greyhawk - The Tomb of Horrors - Daedalus, Hand of the Key (human Psion 12)

    Games I Play In (discontinued):

    ~ D&D - Salmaria (custom campaign setting) - The Dragon Eyes - Ryyk Zalys (Satyr Cardcaster 2)
    ~ D&D - Greyhawk - That Darn Necromancer - Aust Galanodel (Elf Cleric 6)
    ~ AD&D - Greyhawk - Concerning Siege - Grog-nok (Orc Mage 4) (this is almost beyond discontinued, though... last played this one when I was 8... ;p)
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    I almost never use a title


    Queen, Soul of a Philosopher, Mind of a Robot

    Elise "Radiant" Ellom telling stories and looking for Lost Mithril
    Valan "Only Fools Rush In" Ceth looking for a friendly game at The RDI.
    Mearran "WWDD*" Longtail sitting at the near-by Edwyd's Victuals.
    *What would a Druid Do?

    Foloshadé "You'd better pronouce it right" Ofori-Tigris is hanging out with people who don't like her at The Tower's Shard

    Living Supers
    Speed Freak despritly trying to gain the approval of many in The Character Thread

    the OBOESRD Tavern

    Gloria e Flamae Solei Relegious Zealots Gone Wild
    Zday in Sunnybright We were the iconic party, till everything went wrong
    Rise of the Empire All I wanted was to kill an adventuring party
    Wrong place at the wrong time This game lasted all of one in game post (partially my fault)
    Blackout Masked criminals, real monsters?
    A New Power Once again got one post it, though I was welcomed in late
    Deepwater's Despair May, restart... May
    Agents of the Inquisition

    Lost Characters
    Level 5 W.O.M.A.N. Wizardress Of Magics Arcane and Necromatic iirc (Blame the DM )
    Ivan Kurgoth 9th lvl Gestalt Cleric/Paladin/Rogue/Order of the Bow Initiate
    Chip Lippizaner 2nd lvl Strong Hero
    Hearon Minotaur 4th lvl Fighter
    Rollan Kran 2nd lvl Scout/1st lvl Fringer
    Rollan Kran... again! 4th lvl Scout
    Jack "Almost a Commoner" Roberts 1st lvl Tough hero
    Jherian 1st lvl Bard/Barb-to-be
    Preacher Marcus Curulis, Schola Prognium Drill Abbot The Emperor Protects.

    Unapproved Characters
    Brell Wizard
    Elise "Radiant" Ellran Wizard(Later completed as first LEW character)
    Sara Long (Done in Core Rules, Though I have D20 Modern version)
    Two Characters, both named Elliom Name-to-be-changed Their Backrounds one a Ranger/Nobel and the other a monk
    Zhou Keito (Weapons of the Gods System)
    Hallux Barbule Pirate Wizard Need I say more?

    My Victory threads.
    This thread is costing me $.40 a minute to create(a.k.a. 1000 posts, WOOO!) - EN World: D&D / RPG News & Reviews

    Trivally analytic, righteous skeptism
    I mean what I say
    I say what I mean
    I do what I want
    and I, am alway right.

    The Flumphs of Penzance
    My Rolls
    My Characters(now updated with 65% more correctitude)
    Live in the Daytona Beach area? Go here

    chaos generator - EN World: D&D / RPG News & Reviews Chaos Generator
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    Jdeleski's PBP Games

    Games I DM

    Beyond the Mountains of Madness
    Events & Evidence
    OOC Thread
    IC Thread - Prologue
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    As a DM:
    Mightier than the Sword - IC - OOC - RG
    Clutches of Evil - IC - OOC - RG
    Elysium Squad - IC - OOC - RG

    As a player:
    Tullia Azeer - Human Ranger in Aundair's Sorrow - IC - OOC
    Flitterdust - Faerie Dragon Favored Soul in Loex’edar: The Dragon War - IC - OOC
    Sye Dillinger - Human Bard in The Sky Breathes All Life - IC - OOC

    Enigmatica World Information: Homebrew world of the campaigns I DM
    Homebrew World Info
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zweihänder

    Games I DM:

    ~ D&D - Greyhawk - The World's Largest Dungeon (discontinued)
    ~ D&D - Warcraft - A.S.S.U.A.G.E.
    ~ D&D - Forgotten Realms - Erdenheim's Academy
    what about the Dragonmech d20 game, it's not even listed by you.
    does this indicate that it's not going to continue, or that you just forgot about it?

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    Currently Running:
    nothing, but come January....

    Currently Playing:
    Father Fuller, 8th level cleric. X5: To the Temple of Death
    IC - RG

    Dead games that I ran.
    Rogues gallery - OOC - Game thread
    Aftermath of the Celestial War [border epic 4e]
    Play - Talk - Characters
    Grand Theft Equine
    IC - OOC - RG
    Maddgoths Castle
    IC - OOC - RG

    Gone but not forgotten

    Camden, Human Bard 1
    Jungle Realm of Teotlok

    Mrs Rage Daughter, 1/2 orc warlord in The High Road
    Rogues gallery - OOC - Game thread

    Starwinds (Dragonborn cleric 13) When Compost Attacks!
    IC - OOC - RG

    Gerold the Black (fighter17) in Kombat Krazyness 4e:Grotto of the Kuo-toa :
    IC - Rogues Galley

    Jessica Waters Sorceror/Cleric in Divine Avengers
    RG - IC

    Eddie Halfling Thief in Halfling Quest
    - RG - OOC- IC

    **BoB Dretch Sorcerer **9th Circle Heist
    - RG - IC - OOC

    Completed Games !
    which actually reached a conclusion, congrats to all who took part.

    To the Noble Born
    Game thread- Rogues Galley- OOC

    Dragonhunters IC, OOC, RG.

    Battle of All Alignments: WINNER.
    General of the Arboria Arena, Supreme Commander of Chaotic Good Monsters. General Forum
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    [4E FR Fluff, Arcana Evolved] Mysterious Wather in the Dalelands: IC / OOC / RG
    [FR, Pathfinder] Vampires Of Waterdeep: IC / OOC / RG

    Geminus Anguis in (D20 Modern)
    Crazy_Monkey1956's Paths of Legend: Shadowgate IC / OOC / RG

    Jaga Kelgora in (D&D 3E)
    Renau1g's Red Hand of Doom IC / OOC / RG

    Lauren Kitanaka In (Baylon 5 2E)
    Dr. Simon's Outrageous Fortune: IC / OOC / RG

    Michelle Anette Fox (aka Rabid Fox) In (MnM 2E)
    Relique du Madde's Salton City Needs Heroes: IC / OOC / RG

    Arilee Antea In (Group A; Pure Core D&D 3.5)
    Araciell's Welcome to the Fold: IC / OOC / RG

    Midnight Star in (D&D 4E)
    Industry Gothica's Heraldof Discord IC / OOC / RG
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    Games I play...

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    Here's the cached thread. Links included.
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