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    Today, 05:47 AM
    I wouldn't mind seeing a ranged version of sweeping attack, for starters.
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    Sunday, 2nd June, 2019, 02:00 PM
    Also, why the widen spell metamagic (which is what you would actually use to alter the size of those aoes) doesn't exist in 5e.
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    Sunday, 2nd June, 2019, 01:03 PM
    I never got it off the idea stage (because I'm lazy and going through each and every spell to find its appropriate domain(s) sounds too much like work), but I've thought about doing a Wizard archetype called the Divine Scholar / Domain Scholar which worked along the same vein as the original 8 school archetypes, but with the various Domains instead.
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Wednesday, 6th March, 2019

  • 05:34 PM - CleverNickName mentioned FarBeyondC in post Critical Role Kickstarter Predition Game: Guess the Funding Outcome (GTFO)
    ...r it up to a worthy cause. Sound good? OF COURSE it sounds good! Let's see those predictions! ----- PREDICTION ROSTER Stalker0: $100,000,000 Dausuul: $50,000,000 gyor: $30,000,000 Hussar: $25,000,000 aco175: $23,500,000 CubicsRube: $21,000,000 CleverNickName: $20,612,408.57 ---------Highest-Funded Kickstarter in History (Pebble Time smartwatch) $20,338,986----------- Parmandr: $20,000,000 EnochSeven: $16,213,102 TallIan: $15,876,374 MNblockhead: $15,555,555 77IM: $14,980,000.00 jgsugden: $14,520,000 OB1: $14,000,042 The Big BZ: $14,000,000 dregntael: $13,935,109 chrisrtld: $13,635,019 pogre: $13,500,000 Aebir-Toril: $13,224,376.89 Satyrn: $13,000,000 Yardiff: $12,456,145 -----------Highest-Funded Game Project on Kickstarter (Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5) $12,393,139-------- Radaceus: $12,345,678.91 FarBeyondC: $12,345,678.90 Morrus: $12,000,000 Mistwell: $11,800,000 Mort: $11,620,000 Zardnaar: $11,354,883 <--- The Winner! Sadras: $11,120,000 SkidAce: $11,000,000 Tazawa: $10,700,000 togashi_joe: $10,250,000 DM Dave1: $10,101,010 MichaelSomething: $10,000,000 Lazybones: $9,750,000 PabloM: $9,500,000 akr71: $9,250,000 rczarnec: $9,250,000 Azzy: $9,000,000 Henry: $8,900,000 mortwatcher: $8,666,000 Lidgar: $8,423,976.73 vincegetorix: $8,360,000 SmokeyCriminal: $8,008,135 AriochQ: $7,777,777 robus: $7,750,000 MarkB: $7,500,000 phantomK9: $6,969,696 TarionzCousin: $6,160,000 ClaytonCross: $6,000,000 ---------Highest-Funded Film Project on Kickstarter (MST3K Kickstarter) $5,764,229----------- MaximusArael020: $5,685,000 Prakriti: $1

Friday, 25th May, 2018

  • 07:49 PM - Yaarel mentioned FarBeyondC in post Core+1
    FarBeyondC I have the same problem with the cleric. Technically, playing a non-polytheistic cleric forces me to use Xanathars Guide as the +1.

Tuesday, 17th January, 2017

  • 01:31 PM - Plaguescarred mentioned FarBeyondC in post Sharpshooter
    @FarBeyondC lawyerly reading is the correct one rule-wise. A thrown weapon can be either melee or ranged depending on it's category (simple melee, martial melee, simple ranged and martial melee) so it's not necessarily range because it's thrown. It was also clarified by Jeremy Crawford on twitter @atkinsonnathanj Archery fighting style only affects weapons under ranged cat. on p149 phb, not weapons with the thrown property? This RAW? ‏@JeremyECrawford That's correct. A melee weapon with the thrown property is still a melee weapon when you throw it.

Monday, 16th January, 2017

Sunday, 25th September, 2016

  • 02:20 PM - Olrox17 mentioned FarBeyondC in post Little rules changes that still trip you up
    @FarBeyondC 1st answer- That seems to be the most sensible option. However, let's say that the character who attacked first (the one who started the combat) rolls very poor initiative and, by the time he gets to act, the target he previously declared is already dead, killed by the other party members. Would you allow a change of target, or is the attack "locked" regardless? 2nd answer- Yes, I too usually roll initiative in the open. So i guess assassinate relies quite a bit on the DM's preference on this matter.

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Saturday, 27th April, 2019

  • 12:47 PM - Immortal Sun quoted FarBeyondC in post Season 9 Adventure changes
    This literally does nothing to stop people from gaming the system in any meaningful sense. In simplest terms, the rules changes don't actually achieve what they've been stated to exist for, which given the hassle to properly implement them is inexcusable. Er, maybe I'm missing something. But it seems to be designed to prevent "season hopping". Now your character is tied to a specific season and can't get rewards from other seasons. How do the rules...not prevent that?

Tuesday, 26th February, 2019

  • 03:24 AM - iserith quoted FarBeyondC in post Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell
    Absolutely doesn't work as an addition to the above declaration; for me, it assumes more than is within the player's authority to assume. That is a fair objection in my view and one that can be polished up in the example pretty easily.

Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

  • 06:05 PM - jgsugden quoted FarBeyondC in post Hang Time - What if you jump farther than your speed?
    I find your way to be significantly more nonsensical, as allowing the PC to make a full jump after expending all movement creates an exception in the movement rules that can be horribly exploited. ("Hey, I was able to jump 30 feet after moving to clear that chasm. Why can't I do it here to get in my attacks on the big bad?")You misunderstand my way. I'm not saying that a PC with 20 Strength and Move 30 would be able to DASH, move 50', then jump for 20' more in the same round. I would instead have that PC move 50' on the ground, begin to leap, move 10' more... and be in the air at the end of his round. Any attempts at abuses from this approach are fairly easily countered. Besides, I don't find it that nonsensical that a character who starts 20 feet closer to a chasm will take less time to clear that chasm than one who starts farther away. YMMV, I guess.Nobody says it would take less time. It is the decision that the PC's that movement would happen to end over the chasm is deprived of distan...
  • 05:34 PM - Oofta quoted FarBeyondC in post Hang Time - What if you jump farther than your speed?
    Why are you applying the rigid combat framework to a chase scene? Why are you assuming chases can't occur during combat?

Monday, 9th July, 2018

  • 04:23 AM - CTurbo quoted FarBeyondC in post A level 20 Wizard of each school vs each other in combat
    Were I a betting man, I'd put my money with the Bladesinger. As the most martial and least magic dependent of the wizard subclasses, it should have a decisive advantage over the others should they choose to cast antimagic field on themselves as their concentration spell prior to initiative. "No magic allowed" is probably the absolute hardest of hard counters available to any wizard in this fight, after all. I thought about this too, but I'm not sure how Antimagic field interacts with ALL of the other features that the other wizards have. I'm pretty sure abjurers are pacifists. So they'd lose. Transmuter for the win - he'd just turn into the terrasque and squash his opponent. The Abjurer is a pacifist only if you rp it that way.

Thursday, 16th November, 2017

  • 07:06 PM - Tony Vargas quoted FarBeyondC in post Point Buy vs Rolling for Stats
    Point-buy is 'better' than rolling when playing in a competitive environment, Which AL is not. I don't think organized play has been competitive in any sense since it shifted from tournament modules to RPGA back...whenever that was, late 80s? but my previous such experience offered no such 'make your own PC but use point-buy' option. Instead, such environments provided a selection of pre-gens and you had to choose one.Tournaments used pregens, yeah. Though, what I recall seeing of the pregens that came with the tournament modules I saw hardly seemed balanced for a fair competition. It also seemed like tournament modules were particularly arbitrary and nonsensical, even by the standards of the day. (Though, I suppose, they might have constituted the standards of the day...) Just wanted to note that the ability to transfer characters from one table to another is the most important part of AL, and organized play in general. It's certainly more important than any vestige of 'competitive'...
  • 06:19 PM - Caliban quoted FarBeyondC in post Point Buy vs Rolling for Stats
    Just wanted to note that the ability to transfer characters from one table to another is the most important part of AL, and organized play in general. Shh...don't spoil it for them.

Sunday, 12th November, 2017

Sunday, 29th October, 2017

  • 05:01 AM - cbwjm quoted FarBeyondC in post The Nature of the Shield Spell
    Aside from the attacker rolling a natural 20, how does the DM know an attack actually hit in the first place (without having the particular player's AC on hand, that is)? If you don't already have it on hand then you ask the player what their AC is and then tell them if it's a hit or not. The actual to hit roll number doesn't need to be mentioned.

Monday, 25th September, 2017

  • 07:28 PM - Bacon Bits quoted FarBeyondC in post Does an item to enhance Unarmed Strike exist?
    I believe he's referring to the bonus action attack(s) granted by martial arts and flurry, which are normally unarmed attacks, and not to the damage of monk weapons. Ah, fair enough, I missed that distinction. That does seem like a needlessly finicky restriction to require that they be only unarmed strikes, since a Fighter or Rogue with a magical quarterstaff can already employ them. I find it hard to believe that allowing three to four strikes with a +1 magical weapon is broken, but allowing two strikes with a +1 magic weapon and one to two strikes with +0 magical unarmed strikes is perfectly fine. The damage difference is going to be about 2 damage, and it means that Martial Arts basically becomes Two-Weapon Fighting style. I suppose the ability to use one weapon instead of requiring two is a non-zero benefit until the character has two magical weapons, but it still seems like a fairly minor distinction to me. A Monk couldn't benefit from the two-weapon feat, anyhow.

Sunday, 10th September, 2017

  • 04:26 PM - dave2008 quoted FarBeyondC in post I want skills decoupled from stats. Suggestions?
    While not a decoupling so to speak, couldn't you more extensively use the skills with different abilities variant (PHB 175) to solve a lot of the problems from the examples given? Yes, that is how we do it. As the OP mentioned, I allow characters to use strength with there intimidate skill, and really any combination if they provide a good explanation. I feel that 5e really does allow the skills to be decoupled from specific ability scores.

Monday, 28th August, 2017

  • 02:32 PM - Barolo quoted FarBeyondC in post Point Buy vs Rolling for Stats
    (...) I truly believe that rolling ability scores is more fun for players, and can create balanced characters with the "risk" of having a few bad stats... ...but, would you believe, that I've never seen a balanced character come to my table with rolled up ability scores? They all presented with above average stats for their characters with usually no bad stats, no negative anything, and at least an 18 score (or maybe two 18 scores) to start. Each and every player! This has even happened when the group is like at 5th level, and a character dies, and a player comes back with a new 5th level character with above average rolled up ability stats. You could say that this is "luck of the dice," but I'm thinking that's not the case... You see, I want to trust my players. I don't want to accuse them of fudging/lying with their dice rolls, especially when it comes to ability stats. And i don't want to sit and watch them roll up their characters and police them. I'm not the kind of DM who microman...

Thursday, 6th July, 2017

  • 05:46 PM - CydKnight quoted FarBeyondC in post Stat limit of 20?
    If you're talking about page 173 of the PHB: Then I'm going to have to disagree. Otherwise, I guess I'll wait.You can disagree if you like but the last sentence of the paragraph you cite pretty clearly states that Adventurer's can only have an ability score as high as 20. There are a few exceptions which allow for it to go higher like the Barbarian's Primal Champion feature or certain magical items/artifacts or optional "Boons" at 20th level but not at character creation. Of course you can always Homebrew whatever rules or rules interpretations you like.
  • 02:33 PM - CydKnight quoted FarBeyondC in post Stat limit of 20?
    It would be added to your dexterity score, which in this case would be 20, making it a 22 and your bonus +6. Unless I missed something (other than the "adventurers can have ability scores as high as 20" non-rule), there's nothing stopping the racial bonus from taking you over 20.Rules as written clearly state that Adventurer's can only have ability scores as high 20 at character creation. I don't have a Player's Handbook handy but I can look up the page number and post it later if someone else does not.

Monday, 3rd July, 2017

  • 03:59 AM - Yaarel quoted FarBeyondC in post Everybody's got to have a Patron deity. Where did it come from?
    It seems like you missed a rather important sentence (with very relevant implications) in your summary of what the guidelines say. You mean, ‘generic content’? My personal setting explicitly replaces polytheistic places like the Great Wheel, and the rewriting of rule content assumes my setting. Non IP settings (ie, homebrew) is exactly what the DMs Guild is trying to discourage. By the way, how does putting my work in DMs Guild reduce the amount of work that is necessary to unwrite and rewrite the Players Handbook?

Wednesday, 17th May, 2017

Thursday, 11th May, 2017

  • 05:53 PM - ForgedAnvil quoted FarBeyondC in post ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator
    Would it be possible to re-upload the last beta until it's determined what's going on with the current version? Try the new version uploaded today, let me know if it fixes the issue. If not I'll post beta 18 back up temporarily, thanks

Wednesday, 3rd May, 2017

  • 05:25 PM - hejtmane quoted FarBeyondC in post A Matter Of Initiative
    A brief and (hopefully) simple question for the disjunct: By default rules, is starting combat on an initiative other than the highest initiative allowed? Bonus: In what situations would you consider it reasonable do to such a thing? I gave up on D&D standard intitiave and went to the Popcorn method or a version of it anyways and it has made the games more fun and kept my players more engaged and no compliants from my side. It also allows the players to do a quick stragety which they find fun and sometimes causes ruffles at the table which is kind of fun. Also if they him or haw around to much the monster get a free attack ;) even with that the players love it and it gets rid of the man we have to role inititave again we already know blah blah is going first he has he highest dex and I will be last. Anyways it has its own quirks and things I have to do to account for it but overall it has been the best home rule I have made
  • 09:16 AM - Li Shenron quoted FarBeyondC in post A Matter Of Initiative
    By default rules, is starting combat on an initiative other than the highest initiative allowed? Written like that, it sounds to me as if you are asking on whether the DM can decide that the first character/creature to take a turn is the one with a specific Init result, instead of the one with highest Init. But this would mean to essentially punish someone with a higher Init result, making her skip the first round of combat, which doesn't make much sense. If there's another reason why someone should skip the first round, it's not in the bare Init result. OTOH, if you meant whether a player can decide that her character doesn't want to act first even if her Init is the highest, then the only official options are to either use Ready to act later in the same round, or forego the round completely. However it wouldn't be much of a problem to allow also a Delay action like in 3e, which would allow the PC to voluntarily (but permanently, i.e. for the whole encounter) lower her Init.

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