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    For me, using one's legs to maintain a grapple would probably be a -2 to Grapple checks, -2 (i.e. 2 better than otherwise) to main hand actions situation. I don't like telling a player, "you can do that but it doesn't mean anything".

    OK, that's not entirely true. For example, when players want to drag me away from the table, or corner me at a party, to talk about their character's plans for interior decorating, I love telling them, "sure, sure, your character has a sweet pad, I'm off to talk to somebody else now!"

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    Oh it does stuff. It frees up the other hand. Which lets them maintain a grapple and swing a great sword - that's not a small accomplishment. ;-)

    That said, my suggestion was rough. I'd put about 6 minutes of thought into converting over a different rule system's grappling rules, so I probably missed a fair bit of important details. But the framework is solid.
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