4E [Adventure]: Murder at Midnight (DM: renau1g, Judge Ozy)
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    [Adventure]: Murder at Midnight (DM: renau1g, Judge Ozy)

    Murder at Midnight!
    Adventure for Levels 6 - 7

    • Papolstaanas (Mewness): Male Kobold Battlemind, Level 7
    • Kaeysari (BenBrown): Female Shifter Fighter, Level 7
    • Eloan (Velmont): Male Eladrin Warlord, Level 7
    • 7 Rabbit (JoeNotCharles): Male Dwarf Dwarf Star Pact Sorcerer, Level 6
    • Illarion Merielle (Neurotic): Male Changeling Sorcerer, Level 6
    • Gil (CaBaNa): Male Human Artificer/Wizard, Level 6

    I made these rules a long time ago. I'm older and wiser now, but I still think they're good rules <- I stole these from @H.M.Gimlord, thanks
    Rules and other fine print

    OK. Sit back, get out your legal dictionary and settle in for a good cure to insomnia.... No. Seriously.

    Player Info:
    I encourage you to include mini stat blocks in your posts, or at least a link to your character sheet in your signature. Mini-stat blocks allow you to keep track of your own healing surges, power usages, acquired items, etc... without having to ask the DM all the time (Don't worry. I won't be a jerk if you forget).

    Example mini-stats

    Arkavas - deva artivicer 4

    Initiative: +2, Passive perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15

    AC: 21, For: 16, Ref: 18, Will: 17

    HP: 41, Surges: 4 AP: 1

    Common, Goblin, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Supernal

    Basic Attacks:
    Melee: +11 vs AC, 1d12+6
    Ranged: +4 vs AC, 1d8

    Thundering Armor, Magic Weapon
    Scouring Weapon, Force Infusion
    Caustic Rampart

    Staff of Ruin +1, Vengefull Fullblate +1, Repeating Crossbow, Amulet of Protection +1

    Healing Infusions 2:
    Choose From:
    Curative Admixture,
    Resistive Formula,

    Passive checks: I will roll passive checks from time to time.

    If these checks result in information (i.e.: there are arrow holes in the walls of this corridor, that dragon has one eye open, etc...), I will reveal the information in a spoiler specifically addressed to one or more characters. If you are not one of the intended characters, please do not read these spoilers. The character, however, is welcome to, in character, reveal the contents of the spoiler to the others. I'm not going to police this or anything, but the story goes more like a story, when it's done this way. Please feel free to get into your character with the information you have (or dont have).

    If the passive check results in a turn of events (i.e.: a trap springing, a monster gaining surprise, failure to realize that the guy was lying all the time) the passive roll will be posted at the time that the event happens.

    Combat: Malenkirk Rules! Im taking on too much already to worry about keeping track of initiative and who got hit when. Ill post monster stats from either the Compendium or the Adventure Tools offered by D&D Insider. Some of the bad guys have been customized for this adventure.

    DM Posts during combat will include:

    Status of all players, monsters, NPCs etc... indicating Name, Location, HP/MaxHP, State, Healing Surges Left, Action Points left (i.e.:: Arkavas I6 -1/41 Dying HS 0 AP 1)

    Map in the form of a grid with Battleship style coordinates

    Enemy Mini Stat Blocks
    including HP, AC, Fort, Refl, Will, Immunities, Resistance, and Basic Attack. If there are more specialized powers, I will post them at the time of their use.

    Time's Up!: I will give players 48 hours to post, at the end of which time I reserve the right to RP the player's character on his behalf. I will use the most appropriate actions and At-Will powers only.

    (this is rule created by Velmont, strict adherence to which ensures a good game pace)

    Exceptions: If you will be out for a long time and unable to post, please let the party know and assign responsibility to either myself or another, willing player for RPing your character, or I can write in a scenario that takes you out of the picture until your return (The former is preferred).

    OK, so I'm a hypocrite, I've been pretty delinquent lately, so I've no moral right to enforce this, but just saying that if, after two days, I do end up moving on, just be assured that I'm going to do so out of fairness for the others, not out of spite toward any individual.

    What are Malenkirk Rules?

    Ok, it should be called Malenkirk's rules, but I find it funny that people have called it Malenkirk rules....

    Named after their inventor Mal Malenkirk

    In a nutshell:

    • Players roll initiative individually, bad guys roll on initiative roll
    • Players with higher init than bad guys go before bad guys
    • Bad guys go, good guys go, bad guys, good guys, etc...
    • Good guy turns happen in first post - first acted order.
    • Illegal post-overs will be resolved in that round
    • Legal post-overs stand even if each didn't know the other was posting.

    Treasure: If you use wishlists, cool, I'll use them as a guide, but if I think something is more appropriate, then I'll award that. If not, I'll find something cool.

    Die Rolling: Roll your dice on Invisible Castle. If invisible castle is down (and it is down a lot), try Dice Room using your character name and the name of this adventure (title above, punctuation and everything) as the room name. In either case highlight the die roll in your post and use the 'Insert Link' button to post a link to your die rolls.

    Out of Character Content:
    Post out of character content (i.e.: complaints, tactics, mechanics, etc...) in a spoiler with the letters 'OOC' in the title.


    I'm sure I missed something, but we'll handle that as it comes up.

    The eladrin sits quietly in the back room of the Hanged Man, waiting for a group to enter.

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    OOC: Thanks for the kudos Ren. It's been such a long time since I started an adventure (Land Ho has been going for roughly 2.5 years now) that I'd forgotten how much time I invested in this little rant.

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    Tristan slips into the room silently and moves to lean in a corner. He makes no move to speak to the eladrin - there are others to do the talking.

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    "Hello. I overheard you talking. I would be your firepower in all that brawn and brains talk. If you'll have me."

    OOC: just subscribing, waiting for @CaBaNa to pull Illarion in

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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    Malenkirk Rules!
    I agree. @Mal Malenkirk too.

    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    (this is rule created by Velmont, strict adherence to which ensures a good game pace)
    It's my rule? I should enforce it more in my game, they would be faster

    More elegant post another day. I'm in a hurry.

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    Papolstaanas enters the back room and immediately begins coughing as the smell of the eladrin's "herbal refreshment" reaches his nostrils. "I'm Papolstaanas," he says, between coughs. "I'm--here for the job. But I'm not sure what it's about. Why, um, why all the secrecy? I hope this isn't something--I don't know what you've heard, but just because I'm from Bacarte doesn't mean I'm willing to murder or steal anyone that you--that is, murder anyone or steal anything that--wait, I mean that I won't murder or steal any.... Anyway, some of us have limits."

    Papolstaanas Male Kobold Avenger|Battlemind 7
    Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 24, Passive Insight: 18, Senses: Normal
    AC:24 (--), Fort:19 (--), Reflex:21 (--), Will:19 (--)
    +2 defenses vs. traps; AC drops to 23 when bloodied
    HP:69/69, Bloodied:34, Surge Value:17, Surges left:12/12
    Action Points: 1
    Power Points: 4
    Overwhelming Strike +12 vs. AC; 1d8+5 damage, Papolstaanas shifts 1 square and slides target into the square he just vacated.
    Shifty, Battleminds Demand, Blurred Step, Overwhelming Strike, Iron Fist, Lightning Rush
    [o] Oath of Enmity (regained when target drops to 0 hp)
    [o] Guardians Counter
    [o] Furys Advance
    [o] Distracting Flare
    [o] Wrathful Warrior (feat)
    [o] Second Wind

    [o] Aspect of Might
    [o] Nightmare Vortex
    [o] Mental Triumph
    [o] Vanguard Weapon daily


    Full sheet: Papolstaanas

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    Kaeysari stands at rest behind some of the others.
    "What my friend means." she says, "is that we'd like to know more before agreeing to take on this job."
    Kaeysari stat block
    Kaeysari Female Longtooth Shifter Fighter 7
    Initiative: +5, Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 18, Senses: Low-light
    AC:24, Fort:20, Reflex:17, Will:17
    +2 to all defenses against opportunity attacks

    +13 vs. AC, 2d4+8 damage
    +3 to opportunity attacks.
    If any adjacent enemy marked by Kayesari shifts or makes an attack that does not include her, she may make a melee basic attack against that enemy.

    HP:64/64, Bloodied:32, Surge Value:16, Surges left:10/10
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: unused
    Powers: Cleave, Footwork Lure
    Covering Attack, Dance of Steel, Longtooth Shifting, Healer's Gift, Smiting Symbol
    Villain's Menace, Crashing Assault, Defensive Training, Healing Word


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    "Right!" says Papolstaanas. "I mean, you have no idea what some people ask us to do. There was this fellow not too long ago who wanted us to help his cows, and he seemed like a nice enough chap actually, but then it turned out that, that the entire thing was a horrible trap, and he didn't care about the cows at all--" Papolstaanas breaks off, clenching his fists in speechless fury. Apparently he is still upset about the cows.

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    7 Rabbit bustles in, still chatting with Gil about the power of the stars. As he sees the others introducing themselves he falls silent.

    Hearing Papo's question, he looks at him speculatively. "An innocent from Bacarte," he mutters to himself. "The Trickster? Unconventional..."


    Which I've totally lost track of - lots of characters I recognize but I honestly can't remember if Rabbit knows them. Definitely Gil, Eloan and Illarion - has he ever adventured with Kaeysari or Papo?

    7 Rabbit

    Init: +2 Speed: 5 Perception:14 Insight: 19
    AC: 19 Fort: 18 Ref: 18 Will: 17
    HP: 56/56 Surges: 10/10 Surge Value: 14 AP: 1
    Str:10 Con:19 Dex:8 Int:17 Wis:12 Cha:15

    Eldritch Blast
    Dire Radiance
    Fate of the Void
    Warlock's Curse
    Second Wind
    Vampiric Embrace
    Frigid Darkness
    Racing Fire of Ulban
    Boots of the Fencing Master
    Blackleaf Gloves
    Armor of Agathys
    Hunger of Hadar
    Fevered Certainty of Caiphon
    Brooch of Shielding +1
    Leather Armour of Dark Majesty +1
    Talent Shard
    Talent Shard
    Ghoststrike Oil
    Whetstone of Venom
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    No, I'm pretty sure Papo and Kaeysari have never met 7 Rabbit.

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