The WOIN Starship Construction Manual, which provides detailed rules for building a wide variety of ship for use with the starship combat rules found in NEW and other WOIN games, has just received an update to Version 1.1.

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This update includes various errata throughout and a handful of small changes. Those who have the book or PDF already are entitled to a free PDF copy of v1.1 (check your library at STRPG or RPGNow, or, if your settings are set appropriately, look for an email).

Updates include:
  • Minor errata throughout.
  • Revised starship traits.
  • Alteration to Travel Increment and Cargo Capacity.
  • Revised example ship stats for the Aphid Class III Transport, Conveyer Class X Cargo Ship, Endeavour Class XI Cruiser, Excalibur Class XIV Battleship, Gagarin Class VI Research Vessel, Junker Class I Courier, Seeker Class V Scout, Solar Class XV Carrier, and Talon Class VI Scout.

In other news, the Starship Recognition Manual, containing 80+ starships from all the major races, is going into layout now.

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