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WOIN Starship Construction Manual Updated To v1.1

The WOIN Starship Construction Manual, which provides detailed rules for building a wide variety of ship for use with the starship combat rules found in NEW and other WOIN games, has just received an update to Version 1.1.


This update includes various errata throughout and a handful of small changes. Those who have the book or PDF already are entitled to a free PDF copy of v1.1 (check your library at STRPG or RPGNow, or, if your settings are set appropriately, look for an email).

Updates include:
  • Minor errata throughout.
  • Revised starship traits.
  • Alteration to Travel Increment and Cargo Capacity.
  • Revised example ship stats for the Aphid Class III Transport, Conveyer Class X Cargo Ship, Endeavour Class XI Cruiser, Excalibur Class XIV Battleship, Gagarin Class VI Research Vessel, Junker Class I Courier, Seeker Class V Scout, Solar Class XV Carrier, and Talon Class VI Scout.

In other news, the Starship Recognition Manual, containing 80+ starships from all the major races, is going into layout now.

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Russ Morrissey