2000AD Minis or Theatre of the Mind
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    Minis or Theatre of the Mind

    I was wondering what the default assumption is for Dredd & the Worlds of 2000AD is; minis on a grid or theatre of the mind. Looking at a lot of the preview material I'd guess minis, as there are references to squares of movement and the importance of tactical positioning.

    I checked the FAQ and which mentions Warlord sell Dredd minis, but checking their site I couldn't find any. Some more digging suggests the Dredd miniatures game they produced was discontinued in 2016. The only Dredd minis I could find were on Ebay, and were pretty pricey.

    I took a look at the Dredd index and didn't see any mention of a section on theatre of the mind. Are guidelines for this method of play included in the core book?

    I was able to find this page for O.L.D. Is this the intended approach for Dredd too?

    Guidance welcome.

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    There is a similar page to that in the 2000 AD RPG. In my game I tend to mix up the two approaches depending on situation.

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    Much obliged for the quick response Morrus.

    Looks like there's a gap in the market for a new Dredd minis line!

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    Counters could be a fun option. I'm eyeing my "Slaughter Margin" boxed set from the GW JD RPG years for its floor plans and counters, among other things. It wouldn't be too tough to make tokens.

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    Warlord Games still hold the licence for producing Judge Dredd minis and they will be returning, with new minis I'd imagine. They have just released a Strontium Dog range. Judge Dredd figures will follow but I have no idea when. I've been collecting Judge Dredd miniatures all my life so the current lack of figures isn't a problem for me, but I do appreciate it being a struggle for others. If you really want official Judge Dredd figures there are loads for sale on eBay.

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