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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitbrain View Post
    Rene Descartes, not Voltaire.
    But Descartes implies Cartesian, like the double alignment axis and the planes on the Great Wheel. So again; Planescape!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrus View Post
    I don't really know anything about DDAL, but a product codename for that presumably isn't a product codename for an actual D&D release?
    That Tweet was off-topic, an artists teasing about getting his work in for an upcoming WotC product using the codename. This artist has done that before, IIRC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reynard View Post
    Mark my words, 5E Spelljammer is going to get folded into Planescape and you'll be Jammin' through the Astral instead of between the Spheres.
    Funny, that's exactly the D&D campaign Im running right now; a mix of spelljammer and planescape; except spell jammers travel the inner and outer planes instead of Wildspace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadras View Post
    We can ill afford another Klendathu...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuisCarlos17f View Post
    The most possible is Dragonlance because this year is the 35 anniversary.

    Other option would be a planar handbook or a Nordom Whistleklik's guide of the planes. There are lots of planetouched races and not only genasi, aasimar or tielfing. Also they could show the almost forgotten para and quasi elemental planes (ice, magma, ooze, ash, mineral, vacuum, salt...) and lots of elementals to be summoned, and the planar dragons from Dragon Magazine. They were really cool, even that with a stupy duck-beak from Elysium, and the ethergaunts (fiend folio), the thoon cult, or the zerns.
    Plus there are several celestial races to detail.

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