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    I played 4E once, and figured, okay, that was worth trying.
    Hurray for those who enjoy it. To each their own.

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    - O.G.R.E.
    I do not remember what I did not like about it - but probably was influenced highly by the fact that the GM was playing one of the top-end super-tanks and had given the rest of us medium-capable units. In theory, we could gang up on him and defeat him, but not while learning the rules too. I was in high school for this, lo those many years ago.
    - Unknown rules, similar to Battlewagon
    The rules were to simulate naval combat, particularly between battleships. They were very complex and detailed. The fatal flaw (to me) was that sometimes rolling high was good for you, sometimes it was bad for you - and in one session, without a copy of the rulebook (which was in a thick ring binder) I could not figure out what and when each condition applied.
    That did not stop me from enjoying the story of the scenario - as HMS Hood I took several hits which crippled my ship, including a critical hit (blowing up a turret) but avoided the IRL-historical magazine explosion. When KMS Bismarck finally closed into my own weapon range, I inflicted the same critical hit on him - and also achieved the insta-kill magazine explosion on him! Revenge of the historical fates! I then turned towards IJN Yamato, which was fighting USS Missouri to a draw, and challenged him "Who's your daddy?!" (IRL, my ship was built 20 years before any of the other participants.) Both ships easily out-ran my half-speed self and disengaged after inflicting main-battery hits on each other.

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