DDAL Season 9 rough draft.
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    Season 9 rough draft.

    Here are some google drive links


    To sum up. August 30,2019
    Season 0, Red War, and CCC adventures are open to all Legacy (Season 1-8) Or Season 9 characters
    If you are playing out of season No story award or magic item unlocks. So a season 9 can't get magic items from another season.
    Trading magic items Legacy to Legacy pcs. Season 9 to Season 9 only.
    Slow progression open to all
    No progression Only pcs in running in Season 9.
    Loot. If it is under the "treasure heading" Mundane items 1/2 price, add that to total of rest of loot.
    BUT you have max limits per level.
    Level 1 to 10 max loot per session is level * 25 gp
    Level 11 to 16 max loot per session is level * 75 gp
    Level 17+ max loot per session is level * 750gp.

    Rebuilds up to and include level 4 But can not change season/legacy.

    Death you or party pays for a scroll during session or spend 16 treasure points for resurrection scroll.
    Advancement and treasure points
    Season 8 + as describe in module.
    Season 7 - 1 per hour of module
    Hardcovers has not change 1 AP 1 TP for tier 1 tier 2 per hour of good game play. 1 AP and 2 TP per hour tier 3+

    Season 9 pc tiefling, aasimar can swap out some stuff at level 5 for wings.

    Well it does look like they are giving us some more gold. Swaping out getting Gp per level. They still messing with the legacy characters going forward.

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    A survey will open in two weeks for your whining unless input you scum... Hmmm may have been a little bit editorial comment there.

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