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DDAL Season 9 rough draft.


Rotten DM
Here are some google drive links


To sum up. August 30,2019
Season 0, Red War, and CCC adventures are open to all Legacy (Season 1-8) Or Season 9 characters
If you are playing out of season No story award or magic item unlocks. So a season 9 can't get magic items from another season.
Trading magic items Legacy to Legacy pcs. Season 9 to Season 9 only.
Slow progression open to all
No progression Only pcs in running in Season 9.
Loot. If it is under the "treasure heading" Mundane items 1/2 price, add that to total of rest of loot.
BUT you have max limits per level.
Level 1 to 10 max loot per session is level * 25 gp
Level 11 to 16 max loot per session is level * 75 gp
Level 17+ max loot per session is level * 750gp.

Rebuilds up to and include level 4 But can not change season/legacy.

Death you or party pays for a scroll during session or spend 16 treasure points for resurrection scroll.
Advancement and treasure points
Season 8 + as describe in module.
Season 7 - 1 per hour of module
Hardcovers has not change 1 AP 1 TP for tier 1 tier 2 per hour of good game play. 1 AP and 2 TP per hour tier 3+

Season 9 pc tiefling, aasimar can swap out some stuff at level 5 for wings.

Well it does look like they are giving us some more gold. Swaping out getting Gp per level. They still messing with the legacy characters going forward.


Rotten DM
A survey will open in two weeks for your whining unless input you scum... Hmmm may have been a little bit editorial comment there.