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    Release [Palladium] Four new books are shipping now

    The Lopan Raw Preview Edition for Palladium Fantasy is available now. The Land of the South Winds Raw Preview Edition, also for Palladium Fantasy...
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    Press Rifts Coalition Manhunters has gone to press

    At 224 pages, this guide to the secret Manhunters has it all. Psionic powers and a breakdown of the 9 Manhunter types, 80+ new psionic abilities, and endless adventure hooks and ideas. ... nters.html
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    Coming Palladium Open House -- April 21 - 24, 2022

    It's one month to the Palladium Books Open House, April 21 (VIP Thursday) through April 24. This is just a reminder, especially for people who live out of town, to join us as we celebrate Palladium's 40th Anniversary. You can choose the 3 Day Weekend: ...
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    Sale [Palladium] 2 Big Sales for National Reading Month

    National Reading Month is here. We love to encourage people to read and unleash their imaginations so we are offering two sales of select Palladium titles. The one below offers physical RPG titles from and there is a similar sale on for PDF books. Enjoy and...
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    Press [Palladium] The Rifter 85 Annual has gone to press

    We are no longer publishing The Rifter four times a year, instead, we are producing an annual for the foreseeable future. So The Rifter 85 is a big, juicy 224 pages and it's on its way. Alex Marciniszyn, Editor
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    Press Palladium Books Open House April 22 - 24, 2022

    If you can't make it for the three day weekend, consider coming in for one day. Friday only. ... ssion.html Saturday only. ... urday.html Sunday only. ... ssion.html
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    Press Palladium Books Open House April 22 - 24, 2022

    (April 21 if you are coming in for VIP Thursday which starts mid-afternoon, with dinner early evening). Please join us to celebrate Palladium’s 40 Year Anniversary. Meet me, Kevin Siembieda, and the Palladium crew as well as a couple dozen other Palladium creators/writers/artists, bring books...
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    Release [Palladium] SOFTCOVER Version of Rifts Ultimate Edition shipping now

    Exactly the same contents as the hardcover RUE, now you can get it as a Softcover. Available now. And yes, you can ask for it in your Christmas Surprise Package Wish List. ... ition.html Alex Marciniszyn
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    Sale Palladium Books PDFs on sale now at DriveThruRPG's Halloween Sale

    Get PDFs on our books right now at a discount. Here's the link:
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    Sale [Palladium] 2021 Christmas Surprise Packages available now

    A great deal where you can get a minimum of $95.00 to $105.00 worth of product for $55.00 + shipping and handling. Get all of the details here:
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    Press [Palladium] Two new hardcovers are shipping now !

    They contain the same material as the original softcover editions plus bonus material collected from The Rifter. They are: Rifts Chaos Earth RPG Palladium Books Store Rifts® Chaos Earth® RPG Bonus Edition Hardcover And Nightbane RPG Palladium Books Store Nightbane® RPG Bonus Edition...
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    Sale [Palladium] Live the Fantasy - a Salute to Gen Con Sale

    Order now. Here are the physical books and other items, including miniatures: Palladium Books Store: Sale Items Here are the PDFs on DriveThru: - Palladium Books - The Largest RPG Download Store! Alex Marciniszyn
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    Press [Palladium] Questions wanted for Kevin Siembieda Interview - Gen Con Online

    Kevin Siembieda will be interviewed by Sean Owen Roberson this Saturday at 1:00 PM EDT. We are looking for questions that you might want to ask Kevin before the event, which is part of Gen Con Online. So post them here. Kevin will look them over and reply to as many as he can as part of the...
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    Sale [Palladium] Heroic Sale on now!

    And you can get PDFs of these books on DriveThruRPG: ... _id=246835