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    Arcane Power - Organizations?

    That one's listed for Dungeon rather than Dragon like the White Lotus one. Could be the same thing, but I dunno. It could be some adventure/map/etc that takes place at White Lotus too... *shrugs*
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    Players running more than one PC

    Each of the players in my group has been playing 2-3 characters (depending if we have a third person or not) each for a while now. However, none of them are very big on the amatuer-acting side of roleplaying, so it hasn't been a big problem for us. If we ever did a campaign more focused on...
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    Potions: ritual or alchemical?

    It makes perfect sense to me too, and I do the same. The inner-cynic in me thinks the only reason they are under Rituals is because alchemy wasn't in the PHB :p
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    weigh in: damage effects at bloodied and below

    I'm a fan of adding +1/2 level (of the attacker) damage against Bloodied targets.
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    Bloodied Penalty

    I too would like bloodied to be more of a game effect than it currently is. My plan is to add +1/2 level (of the attacker) damage to attacks against bloodied foes. Makes being bloodied mean something beyond having access to (or being affected by) various powers/abilities, and helps speed up Solo...
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    Official Power Card Images

    Didn't the most recent Ampersand article have a power card in it? Sure, it was for the Primal Heroes minis pack, but I imagine they are the same as the power card decks.
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    Arcane Power: Vestige Pact

    Honestly, when I started reading the Star Pact powers (particularly the ones from the Dragon article), I had the inkling that the Vestige Pact was effectively folded into it, and that any flavor of separate vestiges was just fluff. Still, I figured the best way to fully convert the Binder was...
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    Forked Thread: Fix Stat Polarity

    Yep, that seems like a feature to me. A high Strength fighter will still preform just as well as one would currently, but he can live with sacrificing a few points of Strength to get a higher Secondary (or Tietary, gotta keep up those off-stat defenses!) stat. Also, I'd recommend reflavoring...
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    Who Started Playing D&D Indirectly?

    My first DnD experience? The NES version of Pool of Radiance. My first RPG ever? Final Fantasy I.
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    Floating Powers (Was: WoTC March 2009 Editorial Calendar)

    Hmm... the best example of these I can think of would be either the Weapon-Specific multiclass powers (Whip, Bola, etc). Don't really fit any class in particular, but fit well within a particular power source and certainly have good reason to exist. Granted, these are multiclass feats, but I...
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    A little idea to fix Kobold Shifty

    Monster Kobolds have Darkvision, yes, but the NPC stats at the back of the book for them don't. Again, Shifty's a powerful ability, yes... but that's pretty much ALL the Kobold (as currently written) has going for it.
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    Genasi: Versatile Resistance

    No, it doesn't stack.
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    A little idea to fix Kobold Shifty

    Eh, I dunno... I think the Kobold as printed in the MM makes for a fine PC race. It has a nice, powerful racial ability (shifty) and relatively little else going for it. +2 to defenses vs. Traps is nice, but it's not really any better than the Dwarf's +5 vs Poision saves. +2 Con/Dex doesn't...
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    D&D Insider: Losing your toys

    I don't see how the Character Builder can stop working after you stop subscribing, not like it doesn't require an active internet connection to use, nor a log-in. That's just for getting updates. This could change later... but, eh, I kinda doubt it. As for the compendium... you can always just...
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    DDI Subscribers: Are you satisfied with your subscription?

    This was my primary reason for subscribing. I don't have the money to keep buying all those books, so for the price of about two rulebooks, I get all rulebooks released in an entire year. If that's not a bargain, I don't know what is. Dragon/Dungeon, Character Creator and the other...