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    Kickstarter The Assault Group's "Gobudai, Riders of the Shimmering Horde. 28mm Old School Goblin Warg rider miniatures."

    I backed their previous Halfling Yeoman riding chickens 😁 so figured I'd give them a shoutout! TAG - Gobudai, Riders of the Shimmering Horde. 28mm Old School Goblin Warg rider miniatures. Metal. "Pledges at £85, and over will be upgraded to our, FREE WORLDWIDE shipping service."...
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    Kickstarter ACP164: Shuttles & Spacers : Stargrave (and other SF) compatible

    28mm metal miniatures with swappable heads for a variety of SF races and for various SF game systems. "Albedo ACP164, Stargrave, 5 Parsecs from Home, Traveler, Pulp Alley, Star Wars, Void to name but a few. " https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackstone/acp164-shuttles-and-spacers
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    Kickstarter RBJ Game's "Cultists and Zombies" Miniatures

    Five days left! Mean Little Zombie unlocked!
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    Kickstarter RBJ Game's "Cultists and Zombies" Miniatures

    Had some great results with RBJ's "Yippers and Squealers" mini's. Very few mold lines. Best assortment: $60 Cultists and Zombies. Free shipping USA. Under $20 other areas. Some mythos monsters as well -- hard to find a Jenkin's mini! KS...
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    Kickstarter Dungeons & Lasers 3 : Woodhaven Village : May 4th

    Went through the updates and picked out some pictures of interest...!
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    Review Loke Battle Mat's "Adventure Box" map set

    The RPG.net review for the Adventure Box has been posted on RPG.net! Suitable as a sampler set for mapless GM's, and those with a forest-based campaign. https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/18/18938.phtml
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    Kickstarter Dungeons & Lasers 3 : Woodhaven Village : May 4th

    Free mini in the first 48 hours! Vote in FB, although the other mini will become a SG. EDIT: Other mini has been unlocked!
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    Kickstarter (Sorry, double post)

    (Please delete)
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    Kickstarter Dungeons & Lasers 3 : Woodhaven Village : May 4th

    Inexpensive modular game tiles for 28mm RPG and miniature wargaming! Walls and floors fit together so you can make the game tile you need. Free set of townsfolk miniatures and SG's with every pledge. The painted pic below is from the D&L3 sewers set, and D&L2 dungeon and fantasy SG's. KS...
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    D&D General Alignment in D&D

    I grew up with the horrible arguments during AD&D, so I'm glad alignment was addressed in later editions. IMO, "lawful good, good, neutral, evil, and chaotic evil" was a good change, since it simplified alignment from a graph into a line with two extremes, and let you get on with playing the game.
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    Kickstarter Deadlands: the Weird West

    Sounds good! Also, check out the Helping Hands bundle, for a free starter copy of the previous edition. : Free Downloads | Product categories | Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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    Altar Quest

    Less than a week left for BL's Fantasy Series 1 miniatures set. Set includes more Lurkers for AQ, a chance to pick up AQ if you missed it, and the miniatures are better than "two for a dollar", including some large mini's...
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    Hero Quest 25 Anniversary (crowdfunding), the disillusion

    Late reply, but they did, with 1993 Dragon Strike game as HeroQuest's successor. Description says, "Dragon Strike takes the HeroQuest game play and goes a step further in a few directions: " Pretty obviously, DS is not well known as HQ. A BGG reviewer briefly explains why he thought DS did not...
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    Kickstarter for Deadlands The Weird West Funded

    Mike and I are the only ones interested in Deadlands. :( Some nice mini's for it out there, though!