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    Release Nightscape: Red Terrors [Unique System/Indie Game]

    A Dark Night For Russia In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian government decommissioned several publicly hidden research facilities devoted to ‘arcane science,’ chief among them, PERM Laboratory 37. Recently, due to several strange energy emissions, the location...
  2. CptPhoenix

    Warhammer 40k RISK

    What campaign rules do you use? I'm just getting back into 40k and keen to start a small 4-6 player campaign.
  3. CptPhoenix

    Warhammer 40k RISK

    I could see wargaming groups using this in campaigns. We played DBA campaigns using a RISK board, and it worked out well, though we didn't use the RISK rules at all. The map gave us a zoomed-out campaign view, and then we played out the battles using our armies on the table.
  4. CptPhoenix

    The Ultra-Mysterious History of D&D's Iconic Monsters

    Could anyone share some pictures of those toys? When I lived in Japan I used to see hundreds of monster toys from Ultraman and think they would be great for roleplaying. They tended to be action figure size, but that only made them perfect kaiju. It's great to learn about the cross...
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    Call For Play Testers - Claustrophobia!

    Claustrophobia! is a light role playing game about garden gnomes on a suicide mission into the Earth's Core. Overseen by the DM (Doom Master), players use a pool of dice rather than specific stats to tell the story of brave discovery on board the HMS Keeton, a scratch built Nuclear Submarine...