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Recent content by Darren Richardson

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    D&D 3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: Prologue to Third Edition

    I'd like to know about that too. I've spent 1 and a half decades slowly building up a collection of those miniatures here in the UK, where the game was hard to get hold of, set 1 mini's being the most common, set 2 very hard to find, while set 3 damned near impossible! Not to mention how...
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    Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory Now To Be Produced By... Cubicle 7!

    The IP doesn't need a reboot, as it is continually retconed or expanded upon or revised. It is in fact one of the most fluid IP's I think I've ever read or seen anywhere!
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    Roll20's 4M Accounts Hacked

    Every website on the planet is being hacked at some point in the year, it's a normal occurrence now so most people won't bat an eyelid when a hacker gets successful.
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    Delving into Dungeon in a Box

    Sigh, i wish there were companies producing stuff like this here in the UK or even europe, the shipping kills off any worth with this kind of 'Crate' subscriptions
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    Pulling Off a Dragon Heist in Waterdeep: The Review

    "Volo's Guide to Spirits and Specters" Blasphemy! That's Van Richten's forte..... I hope Rudolph sues Volo for plagrism :p
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    Here’s Waterdeep: Dragon Heist’s Disclaimer

    Heck I didn't realise even the Starter Set's rulebook has one on the inside back cover! and I've had it for over a year now LOL And now I found out that the Basic Rules Download for V 0.1 has one too! the best bit of that one is the end "or saying yes when the DM asks, “Are you really sure?”"
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    D&D 3E/3.5 are old Living Greyhawk modules avaiable anywhere?

    Has anyone even thought about the Internet Archives, some of the old D&D webpages and even downloads were archived. https://web.archive.org/web/20050403125358/http://wizards.com:80/default.asp?x=lg/regions
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    Critical Role EN World's Critical Role Roundup 003: What's On The Job Board?

    I'm more curious about the 'Gentleman' who's supposed to be Jester's Father, I wonder if he's a nod or influnced by Ravenloft's 'The Gentleman Caller'......
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    Critical Role EN World's Critical Role Roundup 002: The Story So Far

    If that's who I think your talking about, I suspect we have just been introduced to this campaign's Glorious Gilmore :D
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    Critical Role EN World's Critical Role Roundup 002: The Story So Far

    I'm a late comer to Critical Role, just August last year, binged watched every episode right up to christmas, throughly enjoyed the first campaign, and will forever be grateful to Sam for making Gnome Bards cool :p
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    Taking A Look At The "New" POD Versions of Star Frontiers And The D&D Rules Cyclopedia

    I think there was several editions of Star Frontiers, which is why it looks different to some people, I have the 1980 purple box set and Alpha Dawn isn't referanced once on it, I'm more interested in weither or not it cames with the 'Crash on Volturnius' module? This is an example of the...
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    Paizo Has A New Website!

    I notice there's no option for downloads only in the store now, not helpful for those of us who have no more shelf space! I've also noted that the drop down menus don't always load up either.....
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    Critical Role Delve into Critical Role's campaign setting with co-writer James Haeck!

    I know, I still want a Rogues Gallery book full of character stats though!
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    Critical Role Delve into Critical Role's campaign setting with co-writer James Haeck!

    I really hope we get a 'Rogues Gallery' book with history, art and stats for all the major movers and shakers (living and deceased) in the setting, now that the campaign is done.
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    The Enemy Within Coming For WFRP 4!

    It's one of the best RPG camapigns ever written, there's a reason it should be re-done for younger generations to enjoy it!