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    What 0th-level spells should any Wizard have?

    After 40 votes, here's the results. (Those within 50% of the top are in boldface.) Thanks for the input, everyone! Detect Magic 32 Prestidigitation 28 Read Magic 23 Mage Hand 22 Light 20 Message 15 Ray of Frost 7 Mending 6 Ghost Sound 6 Arcane Mark 6 Dancing Lights 6 Resistance 4 Open/Close 4...
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    What 0th-level spells should any Wizard have?

    Hey, it did say "You can pick as many selections as you'd like," so it's all good. Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone.
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    What 0th-level spells should any Wizard have?

    A while back I made some polls to generate a "baseline" core Wizard's spell list. I just realized I never did one for cantrips. You can pick as many selections as you like. Say you have a Wizard of about 3rd level -- adventuring, PC or NPC, non-specialized, non-multiclassed, core rules only. He...
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    Stat Analysis: Progress

    For what it's worth, I did a passingly similar analysis in Hit Dice for 3.0 here (Excel sheet at bottom of first page):
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    5D6 drop the lowest two (math ?)

    I do hope you test your software against a brute-force method (please).
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    Wandering Monsters: How Tough?

    I don't really see that in 3.0. DMG is set up with dungeon wandering monsters at same EL as dungeon level.
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    Official words on Feint and Uncanny Dodge

    You are confusing two different people. I never participated in any Uncanny Dodge debate, and I don't have the opinion you ascribe to me. Regarding custom new magic items, that used to be the policy of ENWorld, and I did always feel that it was a better policy.
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    Can a 20th level caster get a 30 caster level?

    SRD: Note the difference between "enhancement bonus" and "modified bonus".
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    Treasure Discussion: AD&D1, D&D3

    Ok, thank you for fnally posting the analysis :) I agree with most of what you wrote. However, I think a key issue is "how much of the maximum 1E treasure did parties actually find?" As others pointed out, it was frequently devilishly hidden, and not actually expected to be found much of the...
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    Treasure Discussion: AD&D1, D&D3

    From Wikipedia ( In other words, "supply and demand" may be a legitimate analysis for modern markets with lots of information about pricing, but possibly not for pre-modern markets with less well informed buyers and sellers.
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    Spell Purchasing for Wizards Created Above 1st Level

    In my campaign I allow extra spells for high-level wizards for the cost of a scroll plus scribing fees.
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    Treasure comparison: AD&D1, D&D3

    Could you just post your conclusions?
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    Greatsword weilding caster

    3.5 FAQ says entirely switching weapons from one hand to another is a move action, p. 31:
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    Old 3.0 errata

    Per - 3.0 Splatbooks 2001 (Jan, May, Jul, Dec) - Oriental Adventures Oct-2001 - Deities & Demigods Apr-2002