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    Which edition of D&D are you currently interested in?

    I went back to playing 2nd edition back in 2012 (prior to that, I was playing 3.5 and PF). Back in the day, I originally played 2nd edition from its start in 1989 until its end in 2000. I never played 4th edition, and I have not played 5th edition (and honestly, I really don't have any desire to).
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    2E Transcript of Audio CD in Ravenloft's A Light in the Belfry?

    There was at one time. The old Kargatane website had it... But it's gone, even to The Wayback Machine internet archive. :( Kargatane
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    How do you feel about Save or Die?

    Interesting... Fixed! :)
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    How do you feel about Save or Die?

    Not necessarily stoned... But... Beautiful!
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    How do you feel about Save or Die?

    I agree... I don't get the whole "it's not heroic to die by random chance!" But then, characters in my games begin "life" as regular people and through adventure become characters on a similar power level of "Batman". They are never equated as "Big Damn Heroes". One's Individual's Mileage May...
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    $299 D&D Anniversary Sapphire Dice

    I'd worry about the stone coming loose or (perish the thought) Actually falling out!
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    5E Cost of Attending Wizard School

    2nd edition had the "College of Wizardry". That product could be used as a model, or mined for ideas. It can be found here on PDF for $4.99: College of Wizardry (2e) - Wizards of the Coast | Accessories | AD&D 2nd Ed. | Dungeon Masters Guild
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    Is character class an in-world concept in your campaigns?

    I know 2nd edition is a different animal than 5th edition, but as an example of how class is an in-game concept in 2nd edition, the World of Greyhawk "From the Ashes" boxed set details an organization of Rangers that protect the Gnarly Forest. They are called the "Rangers of the Forest". They...
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    Is character class an in-world concept in your campaigns?

    Yes, though not necessarily by the same names as those within the PHB (e.g. fighters would not be called fighters). I run 2nd edition, and in that edition, the classes were treated akin to professions, so it makes since that they are recognized by some name appropriate to the setting.
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    Have Githzerai always been jerks?

    I've noted elsewhere (on other forums), that these quotes from Jeff Grubb disappeared when he left TSR in 1994; just one year after the release of the 2nd edition Forgotten Realms revised boxed set. Here is the quote from that boxed set: I love how he says "A campaign setting for AD&D" to...
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    Have Githzerai always been jerks?

    Yeah, many, if not most of the artifacts in the 1e DMG came from Original D&D (including stuff from the Strategic Review).
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    Have Githzerai always been jerks?

    I think that up until about 1985, the default setting was World of Greyhawk; simply because almost every product, particularly the modules, up to that point were clearly set within WoG. So I think that "unofficially", the "official" setting for 1st edition was World of Greyhawk.
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    Have Githzerai always been jerks?

    Jeff Grubb made several statements both in Dragon Magazine, as well as in two 2nd edition FR products that 2e was THE home of FR (not just "A" home, but "THE" home). Admittedly, that can be taken a couple of different ways. Regardless... The most compelling statement comes from Dragon...
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    Is the Wall of Faithless in 5e?

    To each their own, but the idea that faith, or rather the lack thereof having consequences is an appealing notion to me.
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    2E Yoga & trivia profs?

    By the rules, Bards don't receive any bonuses to NWP... That being said, I would probably give them the NWP for free in lieu of a bonus... Barring that, I wouldn't give anything more than a +2 bonus.