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    [S7S] Elemental Crux — Huxtropy: D&D 4E playing cards as weapons RELEASED

    [S7S] Elemental Crux — Huxtropy: D&D 4E playing cards as weapons RELEASED Long ago, a trickster gypsy named Felavusix fooled four powerful entities from the Elemental Chaos into an endless game of cards. Having trapped them, he enacted a ritual to draw their elemental power into his own...
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    [S7S] Elemental Crux — Huxtropy: D&D 4E playing cards as weapons FREE PREVIEW

    [S7S] Elemental Crux — Huxtropy: D&D 4E playing cards as weapons FREE PREVIEW Elemental Crux is a new series of products from Silent7Seven Games. All with an elemental theme, they are intended to eventually get compiled into a sinlge full-sized sourcebook. As a small publisher, we don't have...
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    I need a plot to string together a group of encounters

    The PCs have learned that they need to collect seven clues in order to figure out where they need to go next. They know that [most of] these clues are in the possession of various cult leaders across the city, whose identities they don't know. They already have one clue, so presumably I've got...
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    DDI Monster Builder preview hidden in this month's Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard

    As always, I enjoyed this month's Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard article. However, I expect this is a column many people might skip. I also expect many of those same people are interested in the DDI Monster Builder. If that's you, give this month's column a shot; Shelly gets Peter Schaefer...
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    Garnering the Cult's Favor — A Free Skill Challenge for D&D 4E

    Garnering the Cult's Favor — A Free Skill Challenge for D&D 4E For as long as anyone can remember, a dark cult has plagued the land. Its members gather at night in carnivals of flesh; they perform dark rituals and carnal acts in orgies of necrosis and blood. They have been tolerated. Recently...
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    My cats' attack rolls.

    So I ordered some dice from RPGShop.com, and they sent me a free plushie d6. Here are a couple pictures of a couple of my cats making their attack rolls. ~
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    d20 Karma Kard bonuses

    d20 Karma Kards: d20 Karma Kards - aethereal FORGE | EN World PDF Store Basically they are bingo sheets with numbers 1-20 randomly assigned. Whenever you roll that number, you can mark off one spot on your sheet with that number. When you get 'bingo', you get some reward. My girlfriend likes...
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    [Riddle] Answer: the Mountain

    But what's the question? I have a cult with several mini-boss type leaders. Each one is entrusted with a short phrase. Together, the phrases comprise a riddle; the answer is 'the mountain'. (Or 'A mountain'.) 'The mountain' is where the cult's base is, but none of the mini-bosses knows this...
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    Adventure Module Pricing and Patronage Projects

    For a while I preferred to make my own adventures, but then I figured I'd try out published stuff. As a DDI subscriber, I get three adventures a month for $5 (plus tons of other stuff). I also bought Goodman Games's The Forgotten Portal for like $10-$12 (I don't remember). So . . . what's the...
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    Best place for custom dice

    My girlfriend told me the other night at the gaming table that she'd like sparkly pink dice with unicorns for her birthday. So . . . uh. Well. I'd like to get them for her. But I don't know where. Anyone know a custom dice site that has sparkly pink plastic to work with? Also, she doesn't...
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    History of Gnolls Adventure

    So in my campaign each character came from a different plane of the multiverse, and they are traveling through planes by some means they don't understand. So far they've encountered a mysterious red orb in front of a portal to a demonic realm, and they're looking for a second big red orb now on...
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    D&D 4E 4e Random Treasure Generator

    Dark Tales and Good Times | 50 Foot Divine Suplex ~
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    Two Weapon Fighter's minor action to draw or sheath

    So it looks like RAW it'd take two minor actions to pull two weapons . . . which kind of sucks for a two weapon fighter. Are there any errata or 'clarifications' of which I'm unaware that allow a character to pull two weapons simultaneously? Failing that, how strict are you with enforcing...
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    Starting with a magic item as a class feature?

    Do you think this would be balanced? How 'big' of a feature would the class need to give up to get a magic item? What level of magic item could the class get 'for free'? For example, what if the swordmage's abilities only worked with magic blades, and thus a level 1 swordmage would need a...
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    D&D 4E Mecha in 4E

    Sounds pretty simple to me. Did you want to penalize PCs at all for operating this mecha? For example, do they have to make skill checks or anything to operate it? Any other kind of penalties when operating? If not, you basically just need a monster stat block for each mecha, and then just give...