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Recent content by Glyfair

  1. Glyfair

    Kickstarter Order of the Stick #864 - "Bet It Would Get Funded on Kickstarter" uip

    And there was much rejoicing. http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0864.html
  2. Glyfair

    Kickstarter Examiner Article on Forming Kickstarter RPG Category

    Actually, I was on today looking at the final bits of the Hillfolk kickstarter and noticed that it is labeled as table-top games. I don't think that is sufficient for my needs, though.
  3. Glyfair

    What I'd like to see in an RPG - Scalability in combat

    I love the focus 4E has on flavorful, detailed combats with lots of character abilities, focus on terrain, etc. as obstacles, and long combats with lots of choices. I feel this version of D&D captures this the best. It fits the feel of important combats. On the other hand, I am attracted to...
  4. Glyfair

    Have the WotC's pre-4E online Dungeon magazines disappeared?

    I went looking for these after I lost the spot I was storing my online magazines. Have the archives been trimmed so only the 4E articles are online, or am I missing them?
  5. Glyfair

    Hasbro quote on MtG

    I was reading a recent article on the ICV2 website. It was talking about how MtG's success was a bright spot on a not so great quarter. There was an interesting quote about Hasbro's take on WotC's management and why MtG has gained in the marketplace. Now, I know some here would find this...
  6. Glyfair

    Adventures with great bases for characters

    In a few other threads there are discussions about what makes a great adventure. One thing that was made clear to me is that part of the appeal of the classic Keep on the Borderlands and Village of Hommlet is the fact that they have strong bases for the characters. What other adventures have...
  7. Glyfair

    How levels define D&D

    I have been reading a lot of discussion lately about certain problems people have in their D&D, things they want to change to make it fit their preferences with style, and even some discussions about what D&D is "about." Thinking about my experience in other RPGs (which is pretty extensive...
  8. Glyfair

    4E Class Survivor Round 17 - The Fighter is the Sole Survivor!

    The wizard said his goodbyes and now we are on for the battle for the last survivor! Important new rule: This round we are voting for the last survivor (as with the TV survivor show rules). Vote for the class you want to be the LAST SURVIVOR.
  9. Glyfair

    4E Class Survivor - Round 16 (We have the final 3!)

    The sorcerer lost it's battle to stay and we are down to the final three of: Fighter Rogue Wizard Who will be voted off this round to bring us to the final vote? Vote for the class that you want to vote off the list. Please don't bias your vote by looking at the running results, or the...
  10. Glyfair

    4E Class Survivor - Round 15 (To determine the final 3)

    Note that I am calling the previous round a little bit early, as it appears to be insurmountable in the remaining time. The race looked like it might be close early on, but the barbarian is voted off and is quite angry about it. The results of this round will determine the final 3. Will there...
  11. Glyfair

    4E Class Survivor - Round 14 (We now have the final 5)

    The ranger barely didn't make the cut to the top 5. So, here we announced the top 5 in 4E class survivor. Barbarian Fighter Rogue Sorcerer Wizard We have 2 arcane, 2 martial and 1 primal (who is almost martial). We also have 3 strikers, 1 controller and 1 defender (I guess it really is...
  12. Glyfair

    4E Class Survivor - Round 13

    The Avenger said goodbye just in time to avoid unlucky Round 13. This round will determine the top 5 classes. Vote for the class you want to remove from the list. Please don't peek at the votes, or discussion before you vote.
  13. Glyfair

    Best pulp RPG game

    I have always had a soft spot for the heroic pulp fiction of the Shadow, Doc Savage, Tarzan, the Avenger, etc. Justice, Inc. started my path in pulp roleplaying, and it carried over to the fantasy pulp of Eberron (still planning my "Doc Savage and Eberron" campaign in my mind). However, I just...
  14. Glyfair

    4E Class Survivor - Round 12

    The Druid wandered off into his grove the last round. We are down to 7, and closing in on the top 5. There is a clear favorite this round, based on previous round's voting. However, we have seen some surprises as there are more votes shifting when a class gets eliminated. Who will be...
  15. Glyfair

    Has Scott's replacement been announced?

    I have been a bit out-of-touch the last week or so. I know Scott Rouse announced his last day, and it has passed. Have we heard anything about his replacement? I would be very surprised if such an important position was left vacant.