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    5E Wall of Force Question; Can it cut through Stone?

    I'd say you gotta go with rule of cool on this one. Even though I agree that it doesn't work that way, it's an awesome moment of battle begging to happen.
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    What Should Happen In Discovery Season 3?

    I like Voyager. And I'm always looking for new sci-fi New in and of itself might well be enough for me.
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    What Should Happen In Discovery Season 3?

    Since they already made Vulcans into terrorist suicide bombers, and Klingons into cannibals, along with many other changes, not much of the established things left to care about. I think I might have enjoyed the show if it broke new ground from the beginning instead. So sure, leave all the...
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    5E Rename the Monster Manual

    I'm okay with any name that tells me at a glance that this is the main book, or main series of books that contain descriptions and stats for creatures that adventurers might come across. If it needs to be changed, fine, I don't care, as long as the replacement name is just as clear. Monster...
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    General Alternate Alignment Axis Ideas

    I really like what Pendragon RPG does with their 13 traits, and I think it would be a deeper and more interesting replacement for alignment for some styles of gameplay in D&D. Each axis is on a scale of 0-15. No trait is neccessarily better or worse than another, although different cultures...
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    General Alternate Prime Material Planes: Part 4, Odds and Ends

    Don't give up! I've been enjoying this series (and skipping all the comments). I'm sure many others have too. I for one would love to see your originally-planned fourth post wrap-up
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    PF2E Aegis of Empires Adventure Path for PF2 - over 300% funded and FREE bonus adventures!

    I didn't know the Lost Lands had any third party products - Is Aegis of Empires the first?
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    PF2E Aegis of Empires Adventure Path for PF2 - over 300% funded and FREE bonus adventures!

    I'm looking at my Lost Lands maps. Where specifically does this AP take the PCs?
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    5E Godzilla is coming to Magic the Gathering, will he be stomping on Waterdeep next?

    Pathfinder statted up all the kaiju in one of their bestiaries, with just enough changes to not infringe the IP.
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    5E Speculation on the missing quasielemental planes

    Earth quasielemental - techtonics Water quasielemental - evolution Apply long term change to them and see what you get. I can't think of anything for air or fire. (Although under the 5-elemental system, Metal quasielemental - technology)
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    What should my next ringtone be?

    I tried having screeching angry chimpanzee sounds for a ringtone a few years back. My wife made me change it to something else the same day.
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    TV Series: Avenue 5

    I just finished the first season. Each of the characters seemed designed to help you lose faith in humanity. The most interesting part of the entire season was toilet troubles and how they dealt with it (avoiding spoilers). Don't bother.
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    RPG Fitness (At-Home Workouts)

    My kid has been doing workouts with Black Panther, Harry Potter, Obi Wan, and more through this youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com/user/Glennhigginsfitness It looks like a lot of fun, and is part of his online homework from his primary school. I really need to start something myself...
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    5E Apparently that semester of drama in 9th grade paid off lol

    Reading what they thought of your accents has gotten me really curious about what accents you were actually trying for.
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    How would you change the new Star Wars trilogy

    A bit off topic, but..... I've often wished for something like this for the Hobbit movies. Cut out all the silly slapstick and tighten it back up into the nail-biting fun adventure it should have been.