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    Defeat Orcus

    In the Rappan Athuk megadungeon it's supposedly impossible without cheating.
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    Passage of time in subterranean environments

    I like what Chris Beckett did in Dark Eden and the rest of the Eden novels. The story was set on a rogue planet thousands of lightyears from the nearest star. The people that ended up there used "sleeps" and "wombtimes" to mark time - a wombtime being a few months shorter than a year. It was a...
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    Bad D&D jokes needed

    Nightmare before Christmas and that Day of the Dead disney cartoon a couple years back both should have some knucklebone-and-skull style slapstick. Just don't use them if any of your players have young kids in the house, as they'll have seen them dozens of times and will just roll their eyes at you.
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    5E Are Mind Flayers slimy?

    I always figured they felt and smelled like octopus. Octopus-on-a-stick is a pretty common snack around here (tiny ones - about the size of an oreo), so I when I see a pic of a mindflayer I remember the last time I bit down and chewed on the little orange things. Now I'm getting hungry - I'd be...
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    A Dungeon That IS A Dragon?

    I remembered an official one: Neth, the plane that lives, from Manual of the Planes 3.5 or a similar book. I don't think it was ever given much detail though.
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    A Dungeon That IS A Dragon?

    There was the old Golden Axe video game (also not quite a dungeon ;) ) In it, there was a shortcut you could take across the back of a miles-long eagle. I remember staring at the skin/ground as a kid in fascinated disgust once it was revealed what you were really walking across. I think there...
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    SF How Big Does The Galaxy Of Starfinder Feel?

    I think there are two things that come into play in Starfinder, or any setting with multiple planets, that have a huge effect on how expansive or limited the setting feels. Two scales that affect how big or small the setting feels: one is ease and speed of transport, and the other is the...
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    Testing polls on mobile

    Works fine for me. But I couldn't resist voting no.
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    Reach of Titan kickstarter update hints?

    Thank you! Exactly the info I was hoping for. Putting it on my calendar now so I can get it when it is made available for non-kickstarter people.
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    Reach of Titan kickstarter update hints?

    Although I missed the Reach of Titan kickstarter, I'm very interested in it. Updates have been a bit slow recently, so very curious what type of info was covered in the "New Shiny Update" for backers only. Any chance of a hint or two from a kickstarter backer?
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    Uncivilized Humanoid setting?

    Most of the time I think of something, I discover later on that I'm just remembering something that I've read somewhere before and half-forgotten. So...... Goblinoid tribes, orc tribes, gnoll tribes, human barbarian tribes, and whatever else lives out beyond civilization. A charismatic leader...
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    Half-dwarf holiday realization

    I never really did like Dark Sun's take on the half-dwarf, and last night was lying there awake anyway since a storm was brewing, so was thinking about what might work better. Height somewhere in between humans and dwarves, girth too. And I vaguely remembered that I had seen a half-dwarf before...
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    。Nonhuman fantasy civilizations question

    Remember Fallcrest, back in 4th edition? A point of light composed of people from whatever races supported each other against the darkness, very different groups thrown together by circumstance into a working whole. So I was thinking on how to recreate a "fallcrest", using only those fantasy...
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    Shannara (books!) demons index/stats?

    Does anyone know where there might be a more-or-less complete list of demon types from the Forbidding with descriptions taken from the Shannara books, or do I have to search page by page through Elfstones of Shannara, Jarka Ruus, Straken, and the more recent books that have Forbidding...
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    Numenera weirdness purposeless?

    I almost named the thread sell me on Numenera, but there's just one specific thing that's ruining it for me. The artwork is beautiful, the npcs, locations, and whatnot are awesomely weirdly imaginative, but it seems that there is no point to any of the weirdness, that it is just weird for the...